Private Tuition Essay

Private tuition Many parents send their children for private tuition after school hours. The main reason for this is that they want their children to perform well in the examinations. They feel that the normal lessons in school are not good enough for their children to excel, thus the need for private tuition.

One advantage of taking private tuition is that the child gets personal attention from the tutor. This may not be possible in the crowded classrooms of today’s schools.So the tutor’s personal attention can help the child understand the lessons better.

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Also the tutor can find out the child’s weaknesses and rectify them accordingly. Another advantage is that the child can progress at a comfortable speed under the tutor’s guidance. In a classroom, however, the teacher keeps a schedule, regardless of the child’s ability to keep up. Today however, parents sent their children for private tuition just because other parents are sending theirs. No one wants to lose out in the rush for better grades.Consequently private tuition is no longer private. The tutors, both at home and in tuition centers, take on many students and teach them like they do in school.

So private tuition is like attending school after normal school hours. There is no advantage in it. It is foolish to learn a subject twice, once in school and another in tuition. Having to pay for being foolish is even more foolish. The best thing for a child to do is to pay attention during lessons in school. Then there is usually no need for private tuition.