Pro-Poor Tourism project: Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park Essay

The memorial park covers about 40 hectares in earthquake ruins .

The park is divided into four zones including earthquake ruins, lake area, rubble square area and woods. the design concept is based on the preservation of the earthquake ruin, There is an existing workshop to the east side of the ruin, it is intended to be rebuilt as a museum of earthquake science?A 396 meter-long Memory Wall shows the 240,000 names of the victims, it reflecting the care and love for the lives and lost It is kind of ”dark tourism”, it shows the earthquake ruins to attracting people, and get a huge economic benefits to eliminate poverty, and also give a good Disaster Education to tourists.Strategies of the Pro-Poor:Infrastructure: Increase infrastructure and services provided, such as roads, communications, healthcare, transportCapacity building. An understanding of tourism through workshops and education programs to increase knowledge of traditional history and cultureLove tourism activities: Combine tourism and social assistance, propose the slogan as”travel in Tangshan is show love to the victims “Environmental considerations. Ensuring tourism sustainability to conserving and protecting the environment.

Employment and income generation. Expand local employment local enterprise opportunities ,such as food suppliers, craft producers, tour guides.Enhance participation and partnershipCreate a more supportive planning framework that enables participation by the poor , increase participation of the poor in decision-making by government and the private sector , build pro-poor partnerships with the private sector