Pro Side of Debate Essay

In her opinion, she feels technology changes often, and to remain competitive, we must keep up with the changes. This is positive for the children only because, children under the age of 5 are like ‘sponges’, in which they are able to learn and grasp the majority of the things that are taught to them. Ms. Antoinette Dent feels that the exposure to the handheld devices for her daughter has en more of positive, rather than a negative influence on her development.In her opinion, her daughter has an outstanding vocabulary for a child her age.

I can agree with her statement only because, during the holidays, my daughter was given an Pad, and I will be honest, she’s only 5 years old, and she is getting better at reading and spelling. Since her dad and try to text her messages, her curiosity and eagerness to respond, enables her to learn basic and site words, which help her in identifying them in school as well.She is errantly the only child in her pre-k class, who is being sent home with books, so that she may practice her site words. Conclusion In conclusion, personally feel that the usage of the devices may be positive on the children, however only when used in moderation. They are many different applications and websites now available, in which the children may practice their alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc.

Technology is provided in their school, therefore its best that the children not be exposed anymore than about 1-2 hours a day, at home.