Problem (ITS) which involve application of computing and


In Kenyan roads accidents are at alarming rate since
death rate stands at 3000 per year which arises due to human error. Hence the
need to reduce them and provide reliable information on the condition of our roads,
parameters  on the vehicle and other factors
such as environmental that would play a major factor in reducing accidents and
save time and life.

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Mobility and
transportation are the engine to economic growth of a country. But this arises
as a result of things like congestion, accessibility and road safety problems. Due
to the increase in population and mobility growth of a country, especially in
the developing world, demand for infrastructure is very high due to financial
and human resource constraints.

Increasing in population gives rise to congestions around
the country hence limiting urban mobility and contributing to unsustainable
environmental, economic, and social conditions that are inexistence. The idea of
intelligent transportation systems (ITS) which involve application of computing
and electronics technologies to transportation offers better option for
alleviating the these effects of traffic congestion which directly include
impacts on road efficiency, the environment, safety, and cost.


Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
encompasses a broad range of wireless and wire line communications based
information and electronics technologies and is one of the most promising
methods in dealing with the traffic problems. While some key information is
readily obtained using traditional query operations of traffic information, the
analysis and management of traffic information remains one of the key issues
and deeper information are still difficult to discover. This deeper level
information usually contains large volume of data known as big data and our
inability to harness important information from them brings us to an important
technique used universally. The intelligent transport system
(ITS) takes the first step towards meeting this challenge by providing
effective, reliable and meaningful knowledge to the motorists in time. Traffic congestions,
endangered environments and safety can be solved through effective innovative
and sophisticated ways and techniques that use emerging information technology,
electronics and telecommunication with roads and traffic management techniques.
When this technique is employed in the transport infrastructure system and in
the vehicles, it would help in monitoring and managing traffic flow, provide
alternative routes to drivers hence reduce congestions on the road and
increasing productivity by saving time and money and also safe life as well.
Intelligent transport system provides skilled tools for transport professionals
where they can collect, analyze and archive the data and through the data
response time to incidences, adverse weather conditions can be handled with


reducing environmental
impact and increasing safety


Minimize congestion and improve flow of traffic Enhanced mobility for commuters