Problem faced by indian farmers and suggestions Essay

Earlier there was a job for some recognition for husbandmans. now it is easy to some extent.

So the recognition is non a job for the husbandmans but after production there is. because of non holding equal storage installation some perishable veggies husbandmans can non hive away it for longer times. So the storage installation and the transit installations both should be in the modern line.Actually 2nd thing is the monetary value monetary value of the green goods because whenever the husbandman merchandise the monetary value now so low so sometimes it is non compensable concern for husbandmans. Particularly in fruits this thing happens much because if I grow grain harvests so I can hive away for a longer clip but for the fruit harvests it is non possible for me. So I have to dispose it off in any market at any monetary value or any rate. So selling is sometimes a job.

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So if both job solves I think husbandmans have a good twenty-four hours in future.I am selling through the mandis. through the regulated markets I am selling through the APMC.

the agribusiness produce market commission in Gujarat. But here in this regular market besides there is no say for husbandmans. Farmers have to stand up at that place. there is no installation available in the local market for rating and hive awaying.

Second thing in the present market besides the dalals and jobbers have their more say than husbandmans. that is the job.Solution: Harmonizing to me the solution could be – In the regulated market. the local market authorities should heighten the installation for storage every bit good as rating at the market degrees so that our green goods can be travel for export besides. There should be a platform for husbandmans to make up one’s mind his monetary value on that.