Problem Solution Essay

Today, college students have to deal with a lot f issues in their transition to college such as financial problems, work school conflict, time management, relationship issues, etc. For me, the main problem that encountered in college was lack Of motivation. My lack Of motivation has three symptoms: tiredness, the difficulty of studying, and a low academic motivation. First of all, my tiredness is the unavoidable result of working full time, raising a family, along with attending college. This tiredness is the number one motivation killer. For example, sometime I hate to go to school after a long night of work.

A lack of sleeping time usually makes me could not focus on studying. So I study just enough to get a passing grade and I really don’t care. The second reason that causes my lack of motivation is the difficulty of studying. My native language is not English. So any courses that require much listening or speaking are really challenge with me. For instance, my math class is not a matter, but music classes, or speech classes are really hard. The problem is English that is the basic skill in college as well as in life, so many times I wonder if I can get through this challenge.

The last symptom of my lack of motivation is a low academic motivation, or negative outlook. In the other word, I do not believe that my effort in college will make sure got a job. For example, there are 80,000 bartenders in America with bachelors degrees. To summarize, my main problem in college is lack of motivation that was the result of tiredness, the difficulty of studying, and a low academic motivation. However, going to college is my choice. So, what solutions should do to solve that problem? First, to solve the tiredness, I would balance between working and studying.

For example, in my first semester, I took four classes, worked 40 hours a week, and woke up early every morning to drive my daughter to her school. That was makes me exhausted. So, in next semester, I took only three classes; and felt better. In addition, I would use time management to organize my study time, schedule my study tasks, and reduce my procrastination. That properly makes me feel less tired, and also get my motivation back. Second, dealing with the difficulty of studying, that is a long run. So I would choose suitable courses along with improve my English.

For instance, I would choose easy courses such as ESOL, GUST, Math, etc. , first. Then I choose more difficult courses when my English is better. Last, the possible solution for low academic motivation is setting a goal, and choosing a right career. I will identify my academic goals: long term goals, and short term goals. will be specific, measurable goals. For example, I will use “Every Monday and Wednesday morning, will do INRW homework from 1 0:00 to 1 1:30. ” Instead of “I’m going to be a better student this semester. Moreover, I ill go to Career and Employment Center, or Educational Planning and Counseling to make sure I have a correct decision about my career. In conclusion, lack of motivation is the number one barrier to students’ success in college. It’s also the main problem that encountered in my transition to college. To deal with it, I choose some solutions: balancing between working and studying, using time management, choosing suitable courses along with improving my English, setting a goal, and choosing a right career. I strongly believe that those solutions will keep me stay motivated in college.