Problem Solving Process Essay

There currently is an issue that I deal with at work on a daily bases.

You see as a leader and a member of management there will always be people who want to see you fail at your job. This is the case for me. There is an individual that on regular bases has an issue with how I run my service department. This person seems to think that it is my main objective to not get his work orders completed, when in fact this is not the case. You see this particular person works as a MSS (Market Sales Specialist), so his primary job is to sell.

There are quotas to achieve, and the past three months he has not reached them. So what do you think he does? He puts the blame all on me, he feels this way because he feels that I have a personal agenda of not filling his needs when it comes to service. The problem is his desire to get me fired, and his efforts to throw me under the bus every chance he gets. I have determined this by documenting every email and conversation we have had.The issue is him not meeting the expectations of his job, so he puts the sole responsibility on the service manager. I have also spoken with the service representative, and I am now having him tell me about every conversation that they have together. This is needed to help eliminate the curve balls that he may throw to the rep in order to not get his work completed in a timely manner.

In order for me to express this problem and issue is for me to address it to his manager. This has happened just recently, and has gone quite well so far.What happen is that I addressed the individual to see if there was something more that could materialize in order for us as a team to get results. We discussed the issue and it was determined that we have a personality conflict which we are working through. To me this is the first step for resolving our problems. After a long discussion with his manager with him present, we have had a better working relationship.

As a matter of fact he called me just recently to invite me to have an adult beverage with him sometime in the future.