Problem Solving Essay

Problem Solving Simulation In order to solve the problem it was necessary to first interpret the scenario. In completing the Riverbank activity, I took the following approach: I imagined the situation I identified the problem I understood the problem I found different strategies I evaluated the progress I eliminated the obstacles I thought about the solutions I implemented a solution The scenario of the problem situation was, a man had a dog, a cat, and a mouse that needed to get across the river one by one on a raft.If the man wasn’t there though, the cat would eat the mouse, and the dog would eat the cat. How does the man get all the animals across without them eating each other? After interpreting the problem, I chose a strategy and evaluated the progress. I took the trial and error approach. My first attempt was to have the man take the cat over and then the dog, but that didn’t work, the dog ate the cat.

I then attempted to have the man take the mouse followed by the cat. Again that didn’t work, the cat ate the mouse. I then attempted to send the man with the dog first, but again the cat ate the mouse.After several unsuccessful approaches, I began looking at the problem in a different way. I decided to use heuristics as a solution strategy. Heuristics helps to simplify and solve problems, although it doesn’t guarantee a correct solution. Below are the steps to the solution that I came to: The man takes the cat across then goes back. The man takes the mouse across and the cat back.

The man leaves the cat and takes the dog across. He leaves the dog with the mouse and goes back. Then the man takes the cat across The animals are now on the opposite side of the shore and safe.From the problem presented, I learned that solving a problem such as this required me to modify my thought processing skills.

In order to help modify my thought process, I decided to follow the steps of interpreting the problem, find a strategy and evaluate the progress, eliminate every obstacle in solving the problem, and implement the possible solution. I believe I was aware of the thought process the entire time. My biggest problem was that my mental framework was set to bringing them over one at time and leaving them there.Even though I thought I had tried every way to make it work, by the second attempt, I realized that if I took the cat across and then back it might work. However, it seemed too easy and I thought I could not bring the cat back once it was on the other side of shore. I did learn that once I implemented the steps above in any given scenario I will have acquired the thought process skills necessary to solve any problem.

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