Problems May Arise During Construction Project Implementation Construction Essay

Many jobs may originate during building undertaking execution. One chief concern is hold. Delay clip is occupied either after the completion day of the month specified in the contract, or after the day of the month that the parties have agreed to subject undertaking ( Assaf and Al-Hejji, 2006 ) . There are many grounds that cause holds. Harmonizing Ogunlana ( 2008 ) , although the rule ground for the hold is comparable across developing states, a figure of factors related to the local industry, issues of civilization, socio-economic and undertaking features besides contribute to holds. Delaies may happen as a consequence of the actions or inactivity on the portion of proprietor, contractor, subcontractors, advisers or the authorities. In add-on, holds are ever interrelated which led to the more complicated state of affairs.

Delaies in building undertakings are considered as one of the most common jobs that cause a assortment of negative effects on the undertaking and the parties that participated. Along with hold, the often faced effects are project failure, decrease of net income border, and loss of belief of citizen in authorities funded undertakings, etc. When holds do occur, they are either accelerated or have their continuance extended beyond the scheduled completion day of the month. These are non without some cost effects. Delaies besides riotous work and lost productiveness, increased costs of late completion of undertakings related to clip, third-party claims, dismissal and expiration of contract ( Abdul-Rahman H. , 2006 ) . In conventional attack, this excess cost is included a per centum of the undertaking cost as eventuality in the pre-contract budget ( Aibinu and Jagboro, 2002 ) . Akinsola ( 1996 ) cited common pattern allow a per centum of undertaking cost as a eventuality allowance in the contract monetary value and by and large based on judgement.

There is a room for betterment in present patterns for maintaining path of holds. This research is carried out to analyze the causes and the badness effects on the hold causes originating during building stage of undertakings. In add-on, the consequence of this research would take to recommendations aimed at cut downing the impact of hold. If building holds can be avoided or reduced, significant fiscal nest eggs on the undertakings can be achieved.

1.2 Problem Statement

Malaysia building sector forms a high per centum of the economic system contract ( Abdul-Rahman H. et Al, 2006 ) . In twelvemonth 2008, the building sector grew 2.1 % from the sum of Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) , emanated chiefly from the civil technology sub-sector ( BNM, 2009 ) . GDP by province showed that the province economic construction was varied and alone.

Sabah is the 2nd largest of the 14 provinces in Malaysia with population of 3.2 million peoples ( Sabah Tourism Board, 2008 ) . It is strategically located in the centre of BIMP, stands of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, largest regional grouping and crossing districts of four ASEAN Countries. Sabah economic sciences is unfastened and is capable to the vagaries of exogenic factor, with an progressively globalize and quickly altering universe economic system. Economic activity in the fabrication sector in Sabah identified that it is a major growing sector in the province. Sabah was besides known as the major subscriber in agribusiness sector with 21.0 % of GDP ( Department of Statistics Malaysia, 2009 ) . Other chief driver of its economic system was the building sector peculiarly in both commercial and residential belongingss ( Sabah Budget Speech, 2009 ) . In twelvemonth 2008, Malaysian Federal Government have allocated about RM2.37 billion to the province for Sabah Development Corridor ( SDC ) undertakings. SDC is believed as a committedness from the authorities to hike up the development and economic system of Sabah to a renowned degree ( Utusan Malaysia, Aug 2008 ) .

Despite of their developments, hold becomes a job that associates in the building undertaking. The demand to command the factors of holds during the building procedure comes out when the figure of holds undertaking have been increase from clip to clip. Malayan Treasury Secretary-general, Dr Wan Abdul Aziz stated that undertakings with 30 % or three months & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ behind agenda are categorized as & A ; acirc ; ˆ?sick undertaking & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ ( The Star, 2007 ) . When the period of hold can no longer be accepted by the client, straight it is considered as derelict undertakings. Harmonizing to Numberss released by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, approximately 115 abandoned lodging undertakings recorded since 1990 until June 2008 ( Ministry of Housing and Local Government, 2008 ) .

In Sabah, the most noteworthy hold undertakings include the Kota Kinabalu International Airport ( KKIA ) enlargement undertaking, route undertaking from Kalabakan to Sapulut, Kinarut PGA undertaking and Karamunsing overpass ( Daily Express, 2007 ) .

Sing these jobs, Malaysia authorities has acknowledged the building holds and cost overproductions jobs as the large concern, particularly with government-related funded undertakings. Minister of Public Work Department, Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor, cited about RM200 million have been provide for the building industry to resuscitate most of derelict authorities undertakings under Economic Stimulus Package ( Utusan Malaysia, May 2009 ) . This showed that the Government ever takes a awareness of the of import function of the building sector to excite domestic economic activities and in heightening economic growing in position of its linkages to construction-related industries.

Chang ( 2002 ) suggested that placing factors is normally the first measure when turn toing a job and so disciplinary actions can be taken. Hence, it is indispensable to place the causes of this job in early phases of building undertaking. This research will name the chief causes and effects of holds. The research worker will do a comparing between two parts harmonizing to the range. This is because the rule grounds for holds may diverse at different topographic points ( Ogunlana and Prokuntong 2008 ) .

Subsequently, research worker will find the ways to minimise undertaking holds from the position of building industry participants. Based on the findings, research worker can bring forth the appropriate recommendations aimed at cut downing the impact of holds. It is besides believed that this survey will clear up and make consciousness about the extent of the hold could impact undertaking bringing.

1.3 Purposes and Aims

The purpose of this research are to analyze and measure issues related to the major causes of building undertaking delays in Sabah through a study. In accomplishing this purpose, it is necessary to thoroughly reexamine the bing literature and research & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s findings. Therefore, the aims of this survey are as follows:

To place the causes of the building undertaking holds

To place the effects of the building undertaking holds

To propose the methods of minimising undertaking holds.

1.4 Scope of the Research

The range of the research is chiefly focal point in Sabah. The group of respondents for this research involves client, adviser and contractor companies that registered with Construction Industrial Development Board ( CIDB ) .

1.5 Significant of the Research

There are several valuable benefits expected by implementing this survey. The significance of set uping the issues related to the building undertaking delays was to supply a greater penetration and apprehension on the causes of holds peculiarly among the chief undertaking participants: contractors, client and advisers. This can be achieved by using theoretical constructs discussed in many literatures into pattern in existent undertakings. It is hoped that the findings from this survey will steer attempts to better public presentation in the building industry and have a positive impact on the economic system. Therefore, these findings might promote the practician to concentrate on hold job that might hold existed in their present or future undertakings. Other than that, this survey is expected to supply a better ways and methods in presenting building undertakings by minimise the major causes of holds.

1.6 Research Methodology

In accomplishing these aims, a research methodological analysis is required. Figure 1.1 high spots the critical phases of carry oning this survey. This figure comprises four indispensable phases of carry oning the survey which includes the followers:

Literature reappraisal

Main study

Analysis Datas


This research will be adopted field study methodological analysis to uncover factors act uponing on hold originating during building phase. To place the hold factors in building market, a comprehensive literature reappraisal was conducted as to place the indispensable information such as the chief causes and effects of hold to the undertakings. This utile information will be included in the readying of the chief study questionnaire. The proficient stuffs researched include: cyberspace, technology Diaries, taking building direction, proficient documents, articles and conference proceedings.

After that, chief study questionnaires are prepared. The designed questionnaire will be distributed to three chief building parties viz. ; proprietor, adviser and contractor. Upon the completion of the information analysis, treatment of these findings, decisions and recommendations will be presented.