Problems by the appearance of people but we

Problems with United States’

United States allow the immigrants to get in everyday but some immigrants cause
problems. Immigrants can come as threats in many ways. Immigrants all come for
different reasons such as running away from war at home and seek asylum, and
some people come for the “American dream” but end up with a letdown.

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who immigrate from different countries have potential threat to the country.
For example, we never know who is and who is not a threat; another problem with
U.S. immigration is the different people that can bring in diseases and
bacteria. We’ve already had plenty of immigrants let in this country for a
while so there’s no telling what threat we could have let in until the news report
something major, but waiting is not an option 
because doctors need  to check
immigrants  for anything if we do not
want the population to decrease. (Author: Chrisman, Matthew)

immigrants in the United States treated right? Everyday people move to the
United States for good and bad things. For example, people who come in the
country as terrorists are a major threat and we prevent that through the
airport security check using the advanced technology of today. Sometimes we are
fooled by the appearance of people but we must be aware at all times. Besides
treating potential terrorist immigrants, we treat those innocent immigrants by
doing the same security check. Sometimes when there is a sick person the
security may also take the person to a room to get them checked to see if they
are carrying a contagious disease. (Author: Longmann, Barry)

we benefit from having immigrants? Every year, thousands of immigrants from
around the world, come into the U.S. These immigrants have many different reasons;
some come in hoping to find a better life; others are here escaping violence or
more specifically war zones in their home country. Many of these people believe
the U.S is the best place to go. There is more opportunities for these
immigrants. However, the plethora of immigrants is affecting the native-born
citizens of the United States. Some citizens believe that immigration can be
hazardous to the environment, by putting a strain on already disappearing
natural resources. Others say that crime, poverty, and over populating on
immigration. About over 60 million immigrants have been added to the U.S. since
1970, it is said that the population will increase by 130
million people within the next fifty years. The government has tried to
somewhat limit immigration (Author: James Kohl)

so many problems facing the U.S. now, we must focus ourselves and not lose
track of our nation. If we can get our economy going and take care of poverty
in our cities, then we can think about helping other people in different
countries, most especially the third world countries. One of the main ground that we have
such a trouble with immigrant is because we continue to hire them. The U.S. political
science needs to crack down on these companies to make sure that they are not
hiring and allowing these people to work. After watching news clippings on how
easy it is to “sneak” across the moulding , it’s no wonder we have so
many illegal aliens. animation in the United DoS . It is not the flaw of the
moulding patrol, guard duty , but of the United States’ government, for one,
not having enough help, and two, not enough roadblock . Hoi polloi can
basically walk over the U.S./Mexican border without being seen or haul . If
they are caught, they usually getting even the next day. People take sneaking
over the border as a joke. They can gag about being caught because nothing can
be done and since there are few guard duty , there is the peril of getting
caught. By increasing border guards, cracking safeguard , fracture down on
phony pass and supplication for political refuge in our airdrome can period illegal
immigrants from coming over and receiving welfare that they do not deserve.
Once we have that trouble taken care tending of, we can work on setting up fair
legal immigration insurance policy .  (author:
Michael D. Nicholas)