Problems that exist at the White Oak Li Essay

Here are some possible solutions that where considered to address the White Oak Library concerns: Building a new library on the same site has its advantages; improves the value of real-estate in the area, public is familiar with its current location, easy access public transportation, some space from the parking lot can be used to add much needed addition for growing computer lab and construction can be completed sooner than it would take at a new construction site location.

Building a new library in the town center also has its advantages; the library loud be located in the middle of many businesses and housing complexes, more people can utilize the library services, easy access to mass transit, could generate more jobs for the community and there will be a paid parking garage that the public could utilize, this could also generate funds for the city. The parking garage that is free after 6:00 PM on weekdays, and free all day on weekends and holidays and, the library would open 7 days a week.

The library hours would be; Monday -Thursday am-pm, Friday and Saturday mama-pm, Sundays 1 pm-pm There also some disadvantages to moving to a midtown location; first some long time small business owners would have to relocate the shops while the new library is being constructed. There will be an additional expense to relocate them and then bring them back after construction is complete and there will be no free parking at this location.

Renovate the current library by piecemeal as funds are available. There is money in the budget now to fix one of the four, main problems (the mold, the electrical system, the roof, or expanding the computer lab). The advantages Of renovating the current library are; it would save money, funds could be utilized elsewhere to run others programs in the city, and the library could remain open while repairs are being done.

There are some disadvantages; if repairs not done correctly and in a timely fashion, existing problems such as mold could reoccur if roof is not repaired first. Waiting for funding to repair problems that need immediate attention may create additional problems. After reviewing this case study, I would suggest that the White Oak Library torn down and a new library be reconstructed on its existing site, it would be ore cost effective to do so.

The city could use part of the existing parking lot to expand the school for the space needed. Books can be placed in another library nearby for easy access; all the other issues would be addressed such as the roof, mold, and additional space for computer lab, new construction at the current site would improve the appearance of the area where the existing now stands, the city does not have to pay the expense of relocating small business owners and the construction process would take approximately two and a half years.