2. design parameters including technical clarification shall

2. Scopes and Responsibility:

This procedure covers all design activities as per the customer requirements or as identified by the Design Engineer. The design and development programme consists of a breakdown of the design process into individual distinct elements as per applicable data and standards and the customer needs.

It shall be the responsibility of the Managing Director to approve this document. It shall be the responsibility of the Engineering Manager (MR) to issue, update and maintain this procedure.

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3. Definitions:

Design – The process of task recognition and problem solving with the object of fulfilling needs by the creation of products and services

Design Review – A formal, documented, comprehensive and systematic examination of a design to evaluate the design requirements and the capability of the design to meet these requirements and to identify problems and propose solutions.

4. Procedure:

The design and development procedure consists of a breakdown of the design process into individual elements as laid down in the standards and work instruction.

Design and Development Planning:

Upon award of a contract, where the contract calls for design work, the concerned Project Manager shall discuss with Design Department, the various aspects involved in carrying out design and drawing work within the allotted time.

Senior Design Engineer shall be responsible for all design activities, assigning responsibilities and checking of design and drawing output from time to time.

Organizational and Technical Interfaces:

After the award of contract, the concerned Project Manager is responsible for establishing interface between company, customer, subcontractor and any other third party on designs and other technical aspects of the contract. Technical Query in format ICC – F – 48 shall be raised for any technical clarification. All technical interface discussions shall be recorded in the Minutes of Meeting.

Design Input:

Upon award of contract, the design parameters including technical clarification shall be collected to meet the required product specification. Design brief listing of the design inputs shall be prepared based on contract requirements and relevant standards / codes.

Design Validation:

If required by the contract, the designs shall be submitted to the Client for formal approval on completion of construction work, the Site Manager shall mark the As Built status on the drawings and submit to Client for approval this is the first stage of validation, the second stage of validation is Provisional Acceptance Certificate by Client

Design Changes:

Any design changes shall be identified and documented reviewed and verified using the same controls as per the requirements of the original Design documentation.

The Concerned Project Manager shall authorize the Senior Design Engineer to perform the necessary work to implement the changes and modifications that can effect product during its entire life-cycle including changes in software and service instruction.

The changes shall be approved by Concerned Project Manager before implementation. The Concerned Project Manager shall be responsible for removing any Superseded schedule drawings and specifications etc., from the work area.

Design Documentation:

All design documents are assigned and identified by a unique document number (drawing / sketch number/ calculation number etc. in accordance with company document numbering system.

The Design Engineers ensure that the document is clearly identified by project / contract, document title, document number, revision etc.

The Document Control Secretary maintains a file of the design documents associated with each Project for both company generated document and client documents.