2. January) using a Staff Evaluation Report

2. Scope and responsibility:

This procedure covers the general training needs of the employees of INDIAN Construction Company.

It shall be the responsibility of the Managing Director to approve this document. It shall be the responsibility of the Engineering Manager (MR) to issue, update and maintain this document.

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3. Procedure:

The Project Manager shall be responsible for the control of training. Each Manager / Section Head shall be responsible for identifying the training needs of personnel within their Departments / Sections.

Job descriptions shall be available for each position in the Company and shall include the minimum requirements for experience, training and qualification.

Each new employee shall undergo induction training relative to their position; this shall be detailed on the Employee Induction Form and included in the employees Training Records.

The employees Training Record shall be used for identifying and recording all training that the employee has undergone and shall include all relative training and qualifications gained prior to their employment and all training whilst under the company’s payroll.

When a training need has been highlighted, the proposed method of training shall be discussed by the Head of Department / Section to establish:

(i) Whether training is to provided internally or externally

(ii) By whom, for how long and to what standard

(iii) The costs involved, particularly if not budgeted.

Upon completion of the training the employee Training Record shall be updated and the Project Manager shall retain the certificates, or copies, in the employees Training Record.

On the job training shall be co-coordinated by the Head of Department /Section and organized and implemented by the relevant supervisors. Upon completion details shall be forwarded to the Project Manager for updating the Training Records.

Specific Training needs shall be planned and implemented by the relevant Department / Section Heads.

The performance of all employees shall be appraised annually (normally in January) using a Staff Evaluation Report to determine the performance and training requirements. The frequency of such appraisals can be increased at the discretion of Management.

Personnel who are involved in QA verification and Internal Auditing activities shall be trained appropriately to perform these functions the Engineering Manager (MR) shall hold copies of all records of such training.