Process Analysis: How To Get Good Exam Grades in College Essay

How To Get Good Exam Grades in CollegeAs a college student I know personally that being a good student is difficult, if you don’t take the time to study.

Sometimes it’s hard to make time for studying, and often students lose their motivation to study, but this still isn’t an excuse. This is why a good study routine is necessary to get the grade you desire on those agonizing exams. Don’t wait until the last minute to cram for a test, after pulling an all-nighter watching zombie apocalypse movies on Netflix. It won’t help to know how to kill a zombie when you sit down for that test. If you follow the simple steps to creating an effective study routine, you will get the good grades you need for a degree in college, and also learn the importance of making the time to study for your exams. Mastering an effective study routine is necessary throughout your educational career to obtain the good grades you will need for a college degree.Your first step is making a study schedule. It may sound simple, but often students don’t even think about doing it.

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The key to this is avoiding hesitation at all costs. Don’t write your test date down and forget about it and text your friend the morning of the test day asking when it is. That is the easiest way to fail a test. Instead, write the test date in a place where you will see it! If you have your head buried in your phone most of class, the calendar in your phone would be a great place to record your test date. So, it’s obvious that you should always write and remember your test date, but what about studying? The phrase, “ you snooze you lose” should not apply to you around your test date.Set aside time to study for your exams! Don’t hesitate to study while the information you learned in class is still fresh in your head.

You don’t have to read your entire textbook right away, instead start by studying small amounts of the material. I think most students know how it feels to daydream of saving the world while “studying” for a test. To solve this problem, make the material your studying fun by creating colored flashcards, or games. You don’t have to go gather a polo team and win the Olympics or something; making studying interesting isn’t that difficult. So after you have gotten over the hill of hesitation, makesure you study the morning of your test also. Keeping the material fresh in your head will help you to remember it on the exam. So, don’t hesitate to study ten minutes before class, make a study schedule immediately.

Making a study schedule is only the first step and the beginning of developing the study routine you need to pass your tests.Studying isn’t all you need to do well on a test, although it may be the obvious answer. Sleep is also the only way to be fully prepared and ready for your exam.

Get six to eight hours of sleep the night before the exam, it’s really not difficult to turn off your cell phone, and watching Netflix can wait until tomorrow night. Half of all college students are sleep deprived, and most students don’t understand how sleep is crucial to perform well in school. Imagine you have a pretty good phone battery, but you have been using your phone nonstop all day, and don’t have time to charge it when it gets to one percent. Unless you have magic powers, you’re not going to make your phone work for the next twenty-four hours without charging it. It simply just doesn’t have any power left.

As a college student, being young doesn’t make you invincible, much like a phone without battery power; your body cannot run well without enough sleep. Your brain doesn’t have a back up battery to remember and retrieve all the material you studied the day before. So, if you want a good grade on your exam, don’t fall into the population of sleep deprived college students, and don’ let hours of studying go to waste by not getting six to eight hours of sleep. You can study all you want, but without sleep you won’t remember what you studied as well as you would with a good amount of sleep.

Don’t underestimate your need for a good nights rest no matter how busy you are. Sleep is just one component of an effective studying routine.I think most people forget what they learn in Elementary School about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, I know I did.

If you want to flunk your test, go ahead and skip breakfast, and you might as well re evaluate your priorities too. Otherwise, eat your eggs and bacon kids. Don’t just go to a test on an empty stomach, from personal experience, it is really annoying when the kid next to you sounds like he has an elephant in his stomach. You can’t drive a car without gas, so you can’t expect your brain to work effectively without nourishment. Your brain needs energy; so eat a full breakfast rich in protein, like eggs and bacon, but try to take it easy with the bacon. I’m not giving you instructions to gain 10 pounds in one morning. Aside from eggs and bacon, don’t just eat when you’re at the kitchen table, you can multi task with a quick study session.

College kids are great a multi tasking, I always read the back of my cereal box when I eat cereal. Studying while eating is the same concept. So please, just take ten minutes out of your morning and eat breakfast, no one wants to hear your stomach from all the way in the back of the class, and your teacher doesn’t care to see all the wrong answers written on your test because you don’t have the brainpower to think. Breakfast is the final step in a good study routine for your college exams. With a conditioned, rested and fueled brain, you can ace your tests in no time.College exams are intimidating but every student has to take them, and every student is capable of creating and following a good study routine to help them. Sometimes, when studying for a test comes to mind, all we tend to think about is the word study. Studying can help you on your test, but is not the only factor that determines your grade on an exam.

College life can be hectic, and often times overwhelming when it comes to schoolwork but developing and following a good study routine can bring order to this chaos and help you get the good grades you need. College is full of exams, and to pass a class you can count on needing to do well on those exams. Otherwise, your looking at a much longer road to getting the college degree you want. Procrastination should be your biggest enemy in college. Aside from easing the agony of exams, mastering a study routine is a skill necessary to ensure good grades on all your exams, and a foundation for a successful educational career.