The immense resources of the school library Essay

This very word, this very concept, is at the heart of every high school student’s working philosophy.

Why does something now when it can be done later? Every single day, masses of students gather in the school library during brunch and lunch doing none other than last-minute homework. However, is this really an effective way to work? Just like every other student, I am also guilty of overly procrastinating homework assignments and projects. Teenagers these days.

All they want to do is have fun before doing anything else.Of course, this leads to the procrastination of assignments until the very last minute. High school students especially become busy themselves with hectic schedules full of clubs, sports, work, and even extra classes.

On top of that, there’s the issue of doing chores around the house. “Who has time for homework? ” “It’s not due until later, right? ” “I can finish that assignment during brunch, no sweat! ” Such are the thoughts of these poor, inefficient teenagers. On any given school day, students can be seen taking full advantage of the immense resources of the school library.Not because these students are overachievers and doing research in advance. Rather, it is quite the opposite. The adrenaline kicking in to finish last-minute assignments due next period, the rush to find an enrichment book for literature just for the points, or the occasional network of passed papers…

it’s all happening in library. Taking a look around yields the sight of students grabbing at their hair, typing up papers, and searching frantically for five cents just to print in vain, only to end up pleading with the librarian to let them pay later.With this mad rush of students to finish that one last assignment, one must ask themselves, “Are these kids working habits and time-management skills an effective way to work? ” Many say procrastination is a horrendous way to learn and all that can result if failure to understand the material. They claim that the adrenaline and skyrocketing stress levels caused by procrastination can shorten lives and affect a person’s personality negatively. These people are also generally those that have too much free time to do work. In the professional procrastinator’s point of view, it is the way of life.

Procrastinators get to do what they desire first, then do the other work later. Adrenaline shortening life? Oh well, life’s short, why not live it to its fullest and have fun as much as possible? Failure to understand material? That’s only something that happens if one takes someone else’s work and copies it. As long as they do the work, procrastinators will still be able to absorb the material, albeit in a shortened time frame, unless they are amateur procrastinators whom have not taken the time to master the fine art of speed-reading. All in all, procrastination is the universal core of all teenage minds.

Everyone does it. Even I am found guilty of committing acts of procrastination. Perhaps this paper was just typed during brunch in the library. However, I believe while it isn’t always the best way to work, the pressure is what drives me. The pure adrenaline experienced that pulsates through the body while doing last-minute work is enough to allow one to work at superhuman speeds. Procrastination is simply a learning style, or a bad habit, which simply seems to appeal and fit into many teenagers’ schedules.

No matter how much notice is given for an assignment’s due date, there will always be procrastinators.