Product have the options to add travel insurance

Product Strategy

   Travel Supreme will offer travel services to
include prearranged tours, customizable packages and the best travel
destinations. The other services that we provide are reservations, travel
insurance and special interest packages. We book the customers airline tickets
(i.e. rebooking’s and changes), hotels and rental cars. Some of the special
interest packages includes tours, resorts, hikes, spas and diving. We offer the
following tours: scenic, cruises, day, educational, trekking and castles.
Travel Supreme strives to provide outstanding customer services and affordable
prices to our customers.

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      The travel insurance will cover medical
expenses, trip cancellations, flight accidents, lost luggage and other
incidents that happens while traveling. The customers will have the options to
add travel insurance when they book any reservations and special interest
packages. We will separate ourselves, by being the first company that customers
think of when it comes to scheduling anything to do with travel. Travel Supreme
will strive to be associated as excellence, exceptional customer service skills
and the willingness to help their customer.

Place Strategy

     Travel Supreme is
different from other travel agencies because they have the physical locations
and an online platform. By having both physical locations and online platform,
they can reach and tap into different territories. In an effort to continuously
keep their customers, Travel Supreme can create Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and
Instagram accounts that would pop up on feeds or ads on the users’ accounts
letting them know more about Travel Supreme.


Pricing Strategy

      The pricing for these services will be
designed to whereas it’s competitive in the travel agency and tourism markets. The
pricing strategy that we will be using is the differentiated pricing system.
The differentiated pricing techniques that would be utilized is the
customer-segment pricing and time pricing (Kotler
& Keller, 2012). Customer-segment pricing is when
different customer groups pay different prices for the same product or service (Kotler &
Keller, 2012).
In Travel Supremes’ case, we will market to different groups of targets based
upon the customers level of income. For example, you wouldn’t offer a family
that can only afford an $500-dollar package an $1,000 or $10,000-dollar

      By using the customer-segment pricing
technique we can keep the services affordable because it’s based on the
customers level of income. Time pricing is when the pricing varies by the
season, day or hour (Kotler & Keller, 2012). The time pricing
would be used in the seasons when the temperatures are different around the
world and people want to experience a place where it’s warmer or colder than
their current location. By utilizing the time pricing technique, it would allow
for people to be able to purchase different packages, go on cruises, etc. for a
lower price than if they were to go during the season where everyone is traveling,
and prices are being gouged to earn more profits.

Promotional Strategy

      Promotion is the communication of
information between a seller company and a potential buyer. To reach our
customers we will promote online, social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter and Snapchat), televisions, magazines, commercials (ad campaigns with
movie stars and with ordinary people to cater to all our targeted audience) and
partnering up with campaigns or ads that our partners are doing. By promoting
in different platforms, we are making sure to cover the potential customers
that may use different forms of communication or ways to shop. We will make
sure to promote our businesses in different seasons and stages of family life
(i.e. traveling, vacation, getaways with friends and spending time with a loved
one, spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend).