Prof. of them has consistently shown such a

Chitralekha Nahar,Head
of Department, Department Automobile Engineering. Email:  [email protected] the great pleasure
and proud I, Miss. Chitralekha Nahar strongly recommend Mr. Urvesh  Pandya For Pursuing master’s Program at your
renowned University. As the Head and Professor of Mechanical and Automobile
Engineering Department at S.P.B Patel Engineering College, I work with many
students who have substantial Knowledge of Automobile Engineering and amongst
them only few outstanding students offer a unique perspective and really
embrace their learning of the subject matter. Mr. Urvesh being one of them has
consistently shown such a strong desire to learn that I simply could not turn
down his request for Recommendation.With deep questioning
mind, task orientation and pragmatic thinking, his participation stood out
amongst his peer students. He asked most penetrating questions about the
subject being discussed and explicated his Ideas with effortless impromptu
grace. He was an attentive student in the class and was receptive to the new
Ideas. He has always completed his assignments on time and had shown his
individuality in them. He has met all the challenges of the curriculums with
skillful resolve and has come out with flying colors. His performance in class
has been of a high order and he has shown dedication and a serious interest in
his subjects. Urvesh had been qualifying GATE exam in year 2017 this shows his
hard work. Urvesh Pandya always
gave his best in any performance and I am strongly convinced that he is
sufficiently prepared for his propose studies and will surely make significant
contribution to your program. He will do well in this course and will blend
well into the new environment. Hence I strongly recommend him for study at your
university so that he can be successful in his future endeavors. I wish him all
the best.Signature: