Professional Philosophy of Nursing Essay

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Nursing is not just a job, but much more than that. Nursing requires compassion, trust, empathy, honesty, knowledge, and commitment.

According to the American Nurses Association (2010) nursing is defined as, “the pivotal health care profession, highly valued for its specialized knowledge, skill, and caring in improving the health status of the public and ensuring safe, effective, quality care”.I believe nursing is a profession that builds relationships with the patient, family, doctors, and staff by being a patient advocate, respecting others cultural, moral, and spiritual beliefs, and using critical thinking skills to ensure the patient has the best possible outcome. I believe the role of a nurse is to establish a relationship with the patient and family. Understanding how to establish this relationship is important for several reasons. First, nurses have to respect each individual’s personal values, beliefs, and cultural differences even if they go against your own beliefs.Secondly, nurses have to openly educate, support, and encourage their patient and family to be involved in their plan of care. That includes nurses continuing their education, training, and experience to anticipate the needs of the patient.

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There will continue to be changes in healthcare and nurses will have to continue to educate themselves in order to implement these changes (Zerwekh & Zerwekh Garneau, 2012). Finally nurses have to be an advocate for their patient.Zerwekh (2012) defines advocate as “one who pleads a cause before another”. Advocating for the patient includes finding out what the issue is and researching and using all available resources to resolve the issue in the best interest of the patient.

I have always wanted to find a career in which I help others. At the age of 17, my maternal grandmother became ill and had to be hospitalized. The care given to her doing her stay was bad and disappointing. The nursing staff treated her as if she were just a number.

They would come into her room, let her know what medications they were giving her and then leave. There was no attempt to form a relationship or a show of any compassion. She was continuously in pain and we continued to battle with the nurses about the care that they were and were not giving. Eventually my grandmother was transferred home to be care for by her children.

After going through such a horrible experience, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I want to provide the type of care that makes a positive and asting impact on the lives of patients. In conclusion, becoming a nurse will be the most rewarding experience. I believe I have the passion to make a difference in healthcare. Nursing is my call and I plan to treat all individual with respect and provide them with the best care.References American Nurses Association.

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