Profile the delivers made to the department




A Post Degree Marketing Management student and a high performing retail employee with 1.5 years of experience in Sales. Acquired marketing skills and communication while working on an intern position as a Marketing assistant for a manufacturing company for 6 months. Developed strong interpersonal skills, written and oral communication skills as a Customer Service Representative.

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Core Capabilities


·      Familiarity with the assembling and compiling of business data and preparing reports.

·      Comprehensive knowledge of spreadsheets and word processing software.

·      Ability to work under pressure with multi-tasking skills.




Langara College, Vancouver BC                                                                  January 2017-Present

Post Degree Diploma in Marketing Management                                                 


Panjab University, Chandigarh, India                                                     August 2013 – May 2016

Bachelors in Business Administration


Employment History


Bath & Body Works

Vancouver, BC                                              Sales Lead                                May 2017 – Present            


·      Demonstrated knowledge and insight regarding inventory levels, customer feedback and product functioning.

·      Arranged advertising displays and merchandise end caps to promote sales.

·      Engaged with customers by giving product demo’s, asking questions, providing excellent customer service and exceeded assigned sales plans and target metric objectives by 10.5%.

·      Executed floor leadership by owning the sales floor with the Store Manager. Greeted all customers in a professional, friendly and timely manner, assessing customer needs.

·      Ensured that the sales department is operated in a cordial and organized manner by properly instructing the staff and taking notes of the delivers made to the department and entering sales data into the computer system.




Jaskiran Kaur                                                                Phone: 778-895-2307  

                                                                                                                        [email protected]             


Glamour Bath Impressions

Punjab, India                           Customer Service Representative                      Jan 2015 – Jan 2016            

·      Drafted ability to analyze adverse situations in a bid to provide well placed customer service.

·      Route technical queries to designated channels for proper resolution of service and equipment issues.

·      Meet performance targets in all areas such as speed, accuracy, volume, customer satisfaction, and issue resolution.

·      Diffuse and resolve various volatile customer situations while maintaining the balance between the interests of the company and customer satisfaction.

·      Consistently met and exceeded set productivity targets by applying new techniques by 12.3%.


SS.                                                   Internship                                   March 2016 – Dec 2016                           

Punjab, India                                      Marketing Assistant                                         


·      Participated in the implementation of marketing campaigns within criteria agreed with the Senior Marketing Executive.

·      Organized and hosted company presentations in two conference meetings, achieving recognition in the company.

·      Coordinated activities with advertising agencies and various other media companies and arranged and planned meetings and discussions.

·      Delivered assigned duties related to Windows server.


Volunteer Experience


Khalsa Credit Union

Surrey, BC                                              Team coordinator                                         October 2017


·      Track record of maintaining positive customer feedback by proper handling all transactions in keeping with established procedures.

·      Highly skilled in receiving and processing all kinds of banking transactions such as verifying transactions, managing checking and savings account withdrawals and deposit.

·      Introduced to the working of SAP FICO module and SAP CO.