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Project proposal: Team development


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In today’s corporate world, teams are
becoming a chief tool based on work organization. Teams possess the capability
of immediately amassing, organizing, relocating, and dispersing. However, teams
are an efficient tool of worker inspiration. It is significant to put into
consideration the fact that teams create and mature over a certain specified
time. Team development develops a captivating environment by promoting
teamwork, interdependence, co-operation and developing trust amongst them.

Team development is created via four
stages which involve forming, storming, norming as well as performing (Woodcock, 2017). Based on the
forming stage, the associate individuals are anxious and adopt wait-and-see
behavior. They are formal amongst each other but lack a clear idea of
expectations or goals. They, therefore, need to put down mission statement and
clarification of goals based on the individual buy-in. In addition, they get to
know each other. In the storming stage, the associates are eager to start
going. Tensions and conflicts arise based on conflicting ideas developed by
each individual. Communication, meeting participation, diversity, as well as
accomplishments acknowledgment are highly valued. The norming stage, team
members identify alike ways. Training can be done at this stage and the team
members are focused on one objective. The last stage is founded on performing
whereby the associates get trained, attain proficiency and be able to solve
their own problems. They are also self-trained and self-motivated and the
emphasis is on production and performance. 

It is significant to comprehend that
team development is greatly essential in the workplace based on the fact that
it develops employee motivation and trust building among the workers and thus
advancing the productivity of the corporation. This is because team development
enhances communication amongst employees enabling them operating towards
attaining their set goals. In my research project, I would attempt to seek
clarifications about how team members can effectively form groups that advance corporate
productivity. It would also address the significance of implementing and
adopting stages of team development in diverse organizations (Dennis et al., 2016).

In relation to the original lecturer
material, the report measures draw a variety of strategies which work hand in
hand to make sure that everything is under great control. Additional styles of
team development are asking questions that will help members as a whole so as
to formulate objectives and all the developments. The strategy of open-ended
questions is of great importance. This is simply because team members end up
suggesting a variety of creative options in relation to accomplishing team
goals and objectives. Supportive measures like great qualities of higher
performance should be put under consideration in order to bring changes.

In order to cover materials that are
different from those covered in lecture, it is advisable to introduce other
related learning materials from other advanced straktegies in order to bring
about new changes. For example, information should originate from different
learning materials which are of great knowledge and skills, apart from those
lecturers are using. Their sources can be from library research and the
internet, which is far much different from the course materials that lecturers
are using. If relevant lectures have not yet occurred, related information
about older lectures should be used an s a good guidance for the matter.

Information about this topic can be
found on course materials and internet, particularly in the same or related
information which has already been done. 
For example, a variety of team development materials are available
across the globe, which possesses huge guidelines on how team development
works, how objectives can be achieved in the right way and other related
measures. Other relevant measures like all styles, strategies, and tactics of
team development are of a great importance when it comes to team development.
To sum up, the ideology of team development is a great measure. Determination
and responsibility are all that is needed to achieve all the objectives.