Prosecution Versus Defense Essay

The role of defense attorneys and prosecutors are both similar yet different in a few ways. For starters, they are both attorneys with different goals and responsibilities. The prosecutor’s goal and commitment is to society as a whole even though he or she may indeed be representing a person. His or her goal is to prove the accused to be guilty and seek punishment for the crime that he or she has committed. The defense attorney on the other hand represents the defendant and is committed to making sure that his or her client receives a fair trial based on the due process.

The prosecutor represents the state while the defense represents the defendant. The prosecutor is appointed by the state and is usually voted in depending on the state; in some states there may be a team of prosecutors. However, the defense attorney is either provided by the state to the client or hired by the client. The prosecutor is committed to the state to ensure that the law is being upheld and abided by, and if it is not his or her job is to prove the case and seek consequences.

The defense attorney is committed to his or her client to win the case and may do so by usually any means necessary. For example, the defense attorney may not always be truthful when representing a client if it means winning and keeping his or her client out of jail. Often, the two attorneys work together and may come to an agreement such as a plea bargain as opposed to carrying a case to trial. Both attorneys are depended upon to either come to a decision on a plea and a sentence and agree on whether to go to trial or not, which may take up time over a long period.