Prostitution Should be Legalized in the Essay

Hires a quote by multiple authors of the book Sexual Rights in America. Grant that prostitution is an unpopular form of sexual expression… Imagine if the Constitution safeguarded only the most popular behavioral choices and allowed the government to restrict activities such as ice fishing, eating escargot, or keeping rats as pets. Or, to cite a more plausible example, what if only popular forms of artistic expression were granted constitutional protection? Controversial artists… Would then be banished, rather than on prominent display in American museums.

Sexual choices are certainly as fundamental to our lives as artistic expression, if not more so, and therefore these choices too should enjoy the full embrace of constitutional guarantees even if they upset the traditional order. ” 2. Here’s a quote extracted from Paul Oriental’s F-redeem Daily article ‘The Case for Legalized Prostitution. ” ‘ .. TTT]he most important argument for the legalization of prostitution services is that such prohibitions violate one’s most basic and inherent rights. Prostitution is the voluntary sale (or rental) of a labor service.

Individuals own heir own bodies and their own labor services and have the absolute right to decide how those labor services should be used. As long as the prostitution transaction is voluntary, there is no justification for governmental interference. Indeed, such interference constitutes an infringement of the privacy and personal liberty of the individuals involved. ” B. Prostitutes as well as their clients don’t have much protection against diseases and/or violence 1. ” … The spread of sexually transmitted diseases (SST D) is associated with prostitution… ” (Mephistopheles). 2.

Violence and abuse of sex workers is a central issue of the debate. These are classified into rape, child abuse, physical assault etc. Melissa Farley and Howard Barman in their 1 998 survey of violence against sex workers in San Francisco revealed that over 82% had been physically abused. As many as 68% sex workers interviewed reported rape and 83% had been threatened with weapons… ” (Mephistopheles). 3. Pimps can mistreat their ‘prostitutes’ and they cannot complain to anyone because by default they would get in trouble for engaging in the prostitution business. 4. “7. If abortion is legal, why not prostitution?

I always hear the argument “It’s my body… ” Why doesn’t this apply to this subject? ‘ (Procom. Org) II. Satisfaction Step: Prostitution should be made legal for many reasons A. If prostitution was legalized then the percentage of sexually transmitted diseases would be lowered 1. They would be obligated to check themselves I know that in some countries the registered prostitutes have to go check themselves every so often for any SST Ads, some Of those countries include Mexico, The Netherlands, 2. “Condom use with sex workers was pegged at 3% in 1 995 and the incidences of AIDS infections dropped by 50%” (Mephistopheles).

Since they are forced to check themselves they tend to take better care of themselves. 3. ‘ ‘The eternal question about the ancient profession could be answered best in Jewish tradition – by asking another question: why do we all bother about it? Especially since we know that no legal act will essentially change the situation” (Loud, 2013). B. If prostitution was legalized then the people involved in prostitution would have more rights and legal protection 1. Ability to protect the working ladies from pimps 2. They would be able to get medical attention when needed 3.

They would have a physical protection they would otherwise get from a pimp 4. Since the ‘job’ world be monitored by the authorities there would be set age limits, I know that in the Netherlands the age limit to become a prostitute is 18 and in order to be a client you have to be at least 16 years of age. So there would not be any of that child abuse due to prostitution. Ill. Visualization Step: Lets visualize if it were legal vs.. Illegal A. If prostitution was kept illegal it would leave the sex workers unprotected both physically and equally 1 . It might make the prostitutes seek out pimps 2.

It might make the prostitutes have less time to judge the client because they will be too afraid to get caught 3. It might lead to a lot of unreported cases of rape B. If prostitution was legalized 1 . Prostitutes would have to get themselves checked every some often 2. Prostitutes would be protected by the law against abusive clients 3. Prostitutes would have equal work rights 4. Prostitution could be taxed 5. The money going towards the persecution of prostitution could be going to meeting far more efficient than persecuting prostitutes maybe it would even go towards education and whatnot IV.

Conclusion: With this being said, hopefully this will encourage everyone in this room to believe that prostitution should be legalized. Just remember that it is a woman or a man’s right to decide what goes on in their bodies. Prostitutes belong to something called the sex worker branch and that so called sex worker branch also includes call girls, pornographic film actors, pornographic models, sex show performers, erotic dancers, striates dancers, bikini baristas, telephone sex operators, cyberspace operators, and or amateur porn stars from online sec sessions and videos.