Prototyping Methodology Essay

Prototyping is a practical way to cultivate and achieve user participation and commitment to a project. Prototyping represents a common reference point for both users and designers by which to identify potential problems and opportunities early in the development process. It is also an effective way to draw out and clarify user requirement. The System used this model because prototyping works best scenario where not all project requirements are known in detail ahead of time.

It is an iterative, error-and-trial process that takes place between the developers and the users. This model also reflects an attempt to increase the flexibility of the development process by allowing the client to interact and experiment with a working representation of the product. The developmental process only continues once the client is satisfied with the functioning of the prototype. At that stage the developer determines the specifications of the client’s real needs.

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There are several phases in Prototyping Model: * The new system requirements are defined. * Brainstorming for how the proponents will gather data is the first step of the proponents in this phase. Then after the brainstorming, the proponents plan to conduct an interview first with the future customers of the system and an interview also with the client. * The proponents ready all the things that will be use in the interview. Also the proponents identify the near future customers of the system. Then ready the questioners. After the interview, the proponents sum up all the information and come up with the requirements of the system to be developed. * The initial prototype is developed that only includes user interface.

* The proponents search and study for the programming language. Then the proponents decide to use SQLog for the database, Microsoft Visual Basic 6. 0 for the Back-end. A mix of PHP Scripting Language, JavaScript HTML and CSS are use in the Front-end. * The proponents first design the database of the system. After normalizing the database, the proponents design the ack-end of the system to populate the database. * After the proponents populate the database, the proponents design the front-end of the system followed by the back-end system. * When the designs are ready, coding phase took place. The proponents first start coding the front-end modules (login, register, product display, ordering, articles page, wish-list, cart, delivery, shipping information) * When the front-end was almost done, the coding of modules in backend took place including (product maintenance, updating of orders, viewing of the customers. )