Psychology Essay

In each letter, there are 2 options for example the 1st topic upends on if you are introverted or extroverted.

An introvert tends to be quiet, shy, and not liking to be the center of attention a lot, while an extrovert tends to be the team leader, the happy go lucky friend, and enjoys their parties from time to time. Then it assess if you are intuitive or observant, if you are intuitive you are imaginative and quick at finding a solution, or you could be observant which means you down to earth and you rely on your senses.The 3rd letter assesses between a person being thinking and feeling based. A Thinking fellow would be tough and focuses on the mind while a person who the test said was more feeling would be more sensitive and follow your hearts. The final letter depends on if you are a judging or prospecting individual. A Judging personality is decisive and seeks closure while a prospective individual is good at improvising situations and they seek freedom.Based on my letters am considered an extrovert, an imaginative person, very in tune with my emotions, and am decisive.

Next, the theory of the id, ego, and superego that Sigmund Freud developed s very interesting and has been in media since the mid-1 9505. The theory says that the id is the pleasure drive of your body and it seeks immediate pleasure for things you need like immediate satisfaction if you’re hungry, then the ego lives in reality and it is basically the person.The ego tries to balance between immediate satisfaction from the id and the conscience of the superego. The superego or better known as the conscience is the part of your personality that is based off morals and values that helps you weigh the pros and cons of the things that the id wants you to do.

This topic involves my life because in many forms of media they always use the representation of the devil and the angel on your shoulders that tell you what not to do while the devil keeps on insisting that you should do the bad act. Always have to deal with the id and the superego telling me what to do, but I think my passiveness and acceptance of whatever happens to me has been a partial doing of constantly listening to the angel while although at the time seems bad sometimes may need to listen to the devil. Lastly, an interesting topic to me was Sigmund Fraud’s patient Anna O and he use of psychoanalysis as a psychological method for patients.

Anna O was a patient that was paralyzed, partially blind, and was diagnosed with mania at the time.With the use of free association and dream analysis which are forms of psychoanalysis they were able to slowly remove the symptoms as more traumatic memories were brought more into Anna’s view. She had severely repressed memories that were traumatic of her childhood that caused those symptoms to form. The fact that memories can cause such severe things to happen to the form of paralyzing you is very interesting and proves that your odd will stop accessory things just to stop things that traumatized you to not be in view.

For a while now, I’ve been going to psychologist appointments because of self-esteem issues and a history of self-harming and suicide attempts. These have been going down, and my psychologist used the process of free association to bring out memories of my parent’s divorce and my resentment to my mother that I don’t know how, but after that negative thoughts have just been lessened in my mind and I guess you could say I’ve been getting more optimistic in life.