Psychology Essay

You have been asked to develop some innovative ways to promote healthy eating in a high-school cafeteria.

What could you do to entice adolescents to make healthy food choices? List three things you would do based on information presented in the textbook. * Limit the students to healthy food and snacks during school * Inform students on how and why they should eat healthy foods * Have a rewards program 1. I would limit the availability of unhealthy foods.

I would stock the vending machines with healthy snacks and drinks at a low cost.In addition, I would redo school lunch menus. The new menus would be centralized upon healthy food and balanced nutritional portions.

I would also ban “packed lunches and snacks. ” This would force students to eat the snacks and meals that the school provides. I realize this may seem harsh, but most kids will eat whatever they want, if they can. This is why I feel it is appropriate to enforce healthy eating while in school. This way, students are at least eating somewhat of a healthy diet even if they are eating unhealthy foods outside of school.To entice students I would have some type of rewards program in which students are offered an incentive for eating healthy. A system in which points per purchase of healthy foods add up and are worth prizes this would promote healthy dieting and also give the students something to look forward to.

2. I would inform the students by having mandatory assemblies for all students before the change in the snacks and meals go into effect. During this assembly I would tell them why this change in food content is being enforced. I would present the information in a way that students can relate.During high school many students worry about appearance and social acceptability. I would use this aspect to appeal to those either wanting to lose or gain weight. To add, I would encourage the input of students by taking surveys and having a suggestion box.

This would allow students to feel involved rather than feel as though this “new diet” is being forced upon them. 3. I would make free programs available in which students can get advice and assistance on proper dieting and exercise and how to achieve their weight goals.As stated in the book during this time many adolescents feel the need to be accepted. Some even develop eating disorders trying to achieve this acceptance.

I feel that having programs available that could assist students on achieving their weight goals is important. The program staff could identify and help people with eating disorders. This program could offer counseling, exercise training, and could also reinforce good eating habits by making diet plans and also tracking the progress of the student.