Psychology and Chores Essay

Have you ever seen a child doing nothing, but the parents are busy doing house chores? I think it is important for children to be given chores to do at home. Why? By doing chores, it helps to lighten their parents work, builds personal responsibilities and become independent.

How does it help our parents? Well, it cuts down the work load of our parents and they also need extra pair of hands to help them. We can be a role model for our younger siblings. Each child is capable of helping around the house; parents need take will-power and patience to enforce the child to do chores.However, parents teach their children to use most of their time wisely, being reliant and dependability, honesty and skills for successful living If children do not do chores, how do they learn and build their personal character in serving? Chores are a good way of teaching responsibilities. Especially when children are still young, parents should train them to do smaller chores like putting away their toys and tidying up their room. As they grow older, they can do bigger chores like washing cars, putting laundry and babysitting.Children can learn new skills and to serve the society by helping in the orphanage by doing house chores. Today’s youth are lack of independent, because most of their homes have a lived in maid.

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In my opinion, parents should not hire a housemaid at all, just let their children do some work. They need to learn household cleaning and organizational skills to be self-sufficient. Doing chores influenced you to be more independent, you can take care of yourself when you are living on your own because one day your parents will leave you.

Chores have become an unimportant and neglected part of our life. Unfortunately, the longer we ignore doing chores, the harder it is for us to change. As a result, we must rethink our feelings toward chores.

Chores give a greater sense of self-responsibilities, importance and confidence. They help children learn the value of work and making a contribution to the family, improve children’s’ health and prepare children for caring for themselves when they live on their own. Children should do house chore because it is for their own benefit in the long run.