Psychology and Personality Traits Essay

Personality is a complex hypothetical construct that has been defined in a variety of ways such as what does it mean to say that someone has an optimistic personality? This assertion indicates that the person has a fairly consistent tendency to behave in a cheerful, hopeful, enthusiastic way(Wayne &Doug, 2013). As a person, there has many personality fit on you, so we have been asking take the online personality test and analyze five factor (Extroversion, Neurotics, Openness, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness)in the score. F someone was extroversion, we can say that errors is outgoing,sociable, friendly and assertive. This kind of person, they always go to party and they always can find friendly quickly. In the tests there has six branch of the extroversion(Friendless,Gregariousness,Assertiveness,Excitement- seeking, activity level and cheerfulness), every branch has their own score and choose average of them to build your score for extroversion. My comment of extroversion shows my score on extroversion is average, indicating I am neither a subdued loner nor a jovial chatterbox. Enjoy time with others but also time alone.

Some point agree like can find friend quickly and I like spend some times just for private or I have positive mood and feeling and like to try some crazy things but there has some point has a little bit different. —–Friendless… 63, Your level of friendliness is average. They make friends quickly and it is easy for them to form close, intimate relationships. In the friendless, I think there has a little different from me. Can make friends quickly but I am not easy to close because when I started go to school, many people think I am tough girl, cool eyes, hot temper.. Fore they make friend tit me, they think I am just like Big Boss, always control other people and never smile but when they has chance to know me , they know am person who are not like what am look like. Even my best friend, she said she don’t know how she can make friend with me. But it just like the comment saying, can make friends quickly, I don’t know why but when I talk to someone, they always think I am funny and they always has some same thought with me, so my mother never worry about my sociability. —–Assertiveness… 8,Low scorers tend not to talk much and let others control the activities of groups. Your level of assertiveness is low. This one I think it is not me, totally not me. As said before, I like control and I always acting like a big boss. In my circle of friends, I am just like leader or like their mom, take care everything and help everyone. So, can say let others control is impossible in my life, if there has someone wants to control, I will show or acting I am the better that them and I can handle everything.

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Neurotics If talk about neurotics, some words we can associated are anxious, hostile, self-conscious, insecure and vulnerable. Those who score high in neurotics end to and exhibit more impulsiveness and emotional instability than others(Weedier,2009). There has six part in Neurotics: Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Self-Consciousness, Immoderation and Vulnerability. The comment I got said : ‘Your score on Neurotics is average, indicating that your level of emotional reactivity is typical of the general population.

Stressful and frustrating situations are somewhat upsetting to you, but you are generally able to get over these feelings and cop. ” Those comment that feel nervous in some specific situation, feel angry hen some unfair thing happened or something did not go my way, feel sad when some bad things happened and did not feel nervous in social occasions also can handle someone say some bad things about me, I am not fragile that can influenced by other people is just like me. Id not find anything different in Neurotics, all get is average, I am not strong enough but I am not weak. Openness to experience Curiosity, flexibility, vivid fantasy, imaginativeness, artistic sensitivity and unconventional attitudes(Wayne &Doug, 2013) are another words which can describe someone was openness. F people who are high in openness, they must be tolerant of ambiguity and have less need.

They tend to think and act in individualistic and nonconforming ways. In this case, my score is 9 and it is low in the total score is 99,the Comment they give to me is think in plain and simple terms, others describe me as down-to earth, practical, and conservative. In these six branch, there has some saying connecting with me such as medium range of imagination, no interest in arts, I can change arbitrary between psychological liberalism and conservatism as I think.