Psychology Children Essay

1. The nature vs. nurture question: How much of any given characteristic, behavior, or pattern of development is determined by genetic influence and how much is the result of the myriad experience that occurs after conception. I believe that a person cannot develop properly through only one of the influences.

Chapter 1 deals with controversies of nature vs. nurture. Chapter 2, Leaning Theory that falls under the nature issues of capacities and limitations and the cognitive theory which falls under the nurture issue of cultural and how it affects behavior. Chapter 3, is Genetic code, which is nature, genetic influences. Chapter 4, Development and Birth is nurture, environment and embryo influence. Chapter 5, is both nature and nurture. Dealing with subjects of motor skills and physical growth. Chapter 6, is cognitive learning, which is nurture. Chapter 7, is Psychosocial dealing with falling under nature.

2. A 4-year-old girl wearing lipstick, high-heels, and a flowery dress at all times.

a. Behaviorism: observation of modeling. The girl sees her mother wearing the same thing so the girl trying to be like her mom or lady like because thats how women dress. Identity.

b. Psychoanalytic: Initiative, children want to take on adult like activities and roles.

c. Sociocultural: Girls are taught through culture that it is proper for a lady to wear lipstick and high-heels so the girl follows the role.

3. Advantages of Medical Intervention: medication can dull the pain of childbirth. It can also speed up contractions and hurry childbirth. Makes birth safer by lowering stress, which is healthier form the mother. Also linked to lower death rates of mothers.

Disadvantages of Medical Intervention: Takes away the natural aspect of childbirth. Mother or baby could be allergic to the medication. Medication is very costly. Higher death rate in mothers.

4. The book points out that day care infants may behave differently when their mothers are coming and going. Due to the fact they are separated and reunited on a regular bases. Not because of insecure attachment. The book also points out that any attachment is based on the crucial variable of the quality of the caregiver. The environment of the day care was also an issue A well run day care is good for infants. It was pointed out that high quality day cares are beneficial to the development of cognitive and social skills that will help infants grow up healthy. Im for and against day cares. I support them in the way of their social aspect. Getting your child to inter act with others at a young age is good for there development. Im against them because I believe that parents should raise their own children.

5. Ecological approach is the perspective on Development that takes into account the various physical and social settings in which development occurs. An ecological view of human development is the family. The family has a great deal of involvement in development. Issues of status or the family to the size are all issues that affect development. A child from a family with high income may grow up with the best of things and expect that through for the rest of there life. Children of big families tend to be more be and use to being around large groups of people. The culture of a child is also an issue. Culture is the bases of how a child will live its life.