Public Health/community appraisal Essay

Discussion Topic 2 Community AppraisalHow is a community appraisal conducted?When public health officials want to assess and survey the needs of a community, they use Rapid Participatory Appraisal. It is “rapid” that the exercise can be done in a relatively short time frame (Brown et al, 2006).

This means the involvement of the local community cooperation and individual participation to facilitate community action ( Walley & Wright, P. 40) This method provide a very usual information about health-related needs as to how to make improvements, by providing timely, relevant information, and the planning needs within the community. Therefore, it very important to put in to account the social, economic and cultural needs that will facilitated the traditional methods of assessment with health promotional needs which can be attainable through intervention and evaluation Brown, Lloyd, Murray (2006).The assessor support the community action not just recording the information, which means the appraisals is used to develop programs like nutritional need, health services needs and determine disease prevalence for the community and the resources that is needed to provide those benefits ( Walley & Wright, P. 40).

For example to questionnaire survey in the cholera prevention in Sierra Leone in Capital slums areas is; how you had about the cholera outbreak? Do you have any of your family or friends experiencing diarrhea signs for more than 24 hours period? How can you catch cholera? Do you know the cure for cholera? If from drinking water which water is safe to drink? And how soon can you take your love one to the health center or hospital treatment? This is an example of community appraisal conducted. References:Brown, C. S., Liyd, S., & Murray, S. A.

( 2006) Using consecutive rapid participatory appraisal studies to assess, facilitate and evaluate health and social community settings. BMC Public health, 6, 68 Walley, J. & Wright, J. (2010). Public health: an action guide to improving health (second edition). New York, NY: Oxford University Press