Public services task Essay

How the public services were, and continue to be, affected by terrorism from the late 1 9905 until the present day? Specialist training extended powers etc ? Police, fierceness armed services and the army all have to be ready for a terrorist attack and they-eve become more affected by these attacks more recently throughout the 200-2010 period with the 9/1 1 and 7/7 incidents that the public services has knuckled down on situations like these so that in future they wont happen gain. What measures public services have implemented to counter terrorism?What strategies have been put into place egg CONTEST Well more things have been out more in place such as in airports they have barriers to stop people ramming into the airport with bombs inside the trucks, also they have ways of finding out identities through any source of identification such as even a library card and another would be interrogation strategies. Argue whether you consider that it is right that the rights of the individual are moieties violated for the greater good of the wider community egg Stop and Search, monitoring private correspondence..

. Good and bad? Do think that they made a good idea on making this a right! I think its important to be 100% sure that the victim that’s being suspected should be checked just incase. Guess when it comes to safety its always best to be sure on something. But for the victim that being checked they could be innocent and its not very nice when you may be out in public and you have been asked to e searched its embarrassing and well could also be judgmental if you where to get checked because of maybe of how you look or dress they could think you look or dress suspicious when really that’s just your personality.But even though there’s doubt on it still think its a good idea anyone could look all innocent but behind it all there could be something so yes I agree its okay to be stopped and searched when needed. Examine counter terrorism measures in detail and a range of example in which they are used.

Counter-terrorism also known as anti terrorism. Means incorporates the practice, military techniques.Which that the government , military ,police and business organizations use to combat or prevent any kind of optometrist. For e,g if terrorism is part of some kind of boarder insurgency , the counter terrorism may employ the counterinsurgency measures.