Public Speaking Experience Examples Essay

There are people who travels between cities town to town, delivering speeches as a form of entertainment or information to paying audiences. Example: Opera Winfred – The Opera Show David Letterman -? Late Night with Letterman (ASK per speech) Do you know who them;? Ewe are “naturals” who seem born with a talent C] Some had benefits by public speaking courses in college C] Some by expensive way, by seeking private instruction in supercharging, which cost ore than ASK for six hours of individual work No, talk is not cheap!

They have no experience in public speaking and are intimidated by the higher ranking managers present. Theirs speeches are stumbling and awkward. O you, however, call upon all the skills you learned in your public speaking course. You deliver an informative talk that is clear, well reasoned, ,and articulate. 0 You get the job!. D You are married and have three children. One of your children has a learning disability. You hear that your local school board has decided, for budget reasons, to eliminate the special teacher who has been helping your child. At an open meeting of the school board, you stand up and liver a thoughtful ,compelling speech on the necessity for keeping the special teacher.

The school board changes its mind. You are an assistant manager in a branch office Of a national company. Your immediate superior, the branch manager, is about to retire, and there will be a retirement dinner. All the executives from home office will attend. As his close working associate, you are asked to give a farewell toast at the party. You prepare and deliver a speech that is both witty and touching – a perfect tribute to your boss. D After the speech, everyone applauds enthusiastically, and a few people have tears n their eyes. The following week you are named branch manager. Fantasies? Not really. 0 In a recent survey of companies and public organization worldwide.

CLC Communications skills including public speaking were ranked first among the personal qualities of college graduates sought by employers. O The point is that public speaking is a form of empowerment. It can and often does – make a difference in things people care about much.

C] Example: Actors are nervous before a play Politicians are nervous before a campaign speech Athletes are nauseous before a big game In other words, it is perfectly normal to be nervous at the start of the speech. O When you are nervous, you will: Your body is responding as it would to any stressful situation – by producing extra adrenaline Adrenaline: a hormone released into the bloodstream in response to physical or mental stress. This sudden shot of adrenaline will what makes your: Heart race Your hands shake Your knees knock Your skin perspire O Positive nervousness Controlled nervousness that helps energize a speaker for her or his presentations Six time-tested ways you can turn your nervousness from a negative force into a positive one.

Acquire speaking experience Prepare, prepare, prepare Think positively Use the Power of Visualization Visualization mental imaging in which a speaker vividly pictures himself or herself giving a successful presentation. Know that most nervousness is not visible Donna expect perfection Tips for dealing with nervousness in your first speeches. Be at your physically and mentally. A good night sleep will sure you better. As you are waiting to speak, quietly tighten and relax your leg muscles, or squeeze your hands together and then release them. Such actions reduce tension by outlet your extra adrenaline. Take a couple slow, deep breaths before you start to speak. Work especially hard on your introduction.

Make eye contact with members of your audience Concentrate on communicating with your audience rather than on worrying about your stage fright. Use visual aids. They create interest, draw attention away from you, and make you feel less self-conscious. What is a critical thinking? Focused, organize thinking about such things as the logical relationships among ideas, the soundness of evidence, and the differences between fact and opinion.