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The driver and one assenter were killed; the other two passengers were injured seriously. II. Tragic auto accidents involving teenage drivers are much too common in all parts of the world. Ill. After researching the subject, I have come to agree with the experts that the best way to prevent such accidents is to rise the age for full driving privileges to 18. IV. For today I request you all to listen with an open mind while we discuss the problems associated with teenage driving, the major causes of the problems, and a plan that will help solve the problems. Transition: Let’s start by looking at the problem associated with manage driving. ) BODY . There are too many motor vehicle accidents, deaths, and injuries involving teenage drivers. 1 . According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, while teenagers make up 7 percent of the nation’s licensed drivers, they represent 14 percent of all motor vehicle accidents. 2. Last year around 8,000 people were killed in automobile accidents involving teenage drivers. 3. Evidence also shows that the younger the driver, the greater the risk. A.

A research on Highway Safety reports that 18-year;olds are three mimes more likely to be involved in accidents than other drivers. (Transition: Now we’ve seen the problem, we can explore its causes. ) II. There are three major causes of the problem. 1. One of the causes is inexperience. A. New drivers haven’t had enough time on the road to improve their driving skills. 2. Second cause is motor vehicle accidents among teenage drivers is night driving. A. When teenagers driving at night, the possibility of having an accident increases several time over. 3.

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Third cause of accidents is the presence of teenage passengers in the car. A. We all know what it’s like to drive with friends in the car, the stereo up loud, cell phones ringing, everyone laughing and having a good time. B. Unfortunately, all these factors will create distractions that too often result in accidents, injury, and death. C. Allan Williams, chief scientist at Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, reports that one teenage passenger doubles the risk of accidents, while the risk is five times greater with two or more passengers. (Transition: The problem and causes is clear.