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In addition to Ronald is a one of the owners of this new Ferreira.

Price is very high and according to Venn. Considering. Com , new price is $1.

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Million. Why is it expensive? First reason is; La Ferreira only needs 2. Seconds to get a 100 km/h. Second reason is; its beauty. For most Ferreira lovers, this model is the most beautiful one. People, who love adrenalin, this car created for them.

Thesis: Therefore most rich action lovers buy this car. Today I am going to talk about two main reasons of its popularity, which are Ferrier’s brand name, users of Ferreira and speed.IMP: First, let’s talk about name process.

First question is how this car got this popularity? Ferreira is an Italian sports car manufacturer based in Marcello, Italy. Mezzo Ferreira is a founder of this brand. When Mezzo Ferreira was a young student, he studied engineering and marketing. He was always saying” my engineering knowledge helped me to create Ferreira but my marketing knowledge helped me to sell Ferreira cars”. First he introduced Ferreira as a race car, so it created an idea in people’s minds that this car is very fast.Then he sold these cars only for presidents and extremely rich people, so Mezzo created a brand name.

And now if you are a rich guy, it means you must get a Ferreira. It is a kind of proof of your money. MPH: Secondly, I would like to say that, Ferreira made some people famous UT Ferreira also became a famous because of Famous celebrities. This car is a proof of people’s money. That’s why most popular people buy this car. There are even some superstars that, when Ferreira Company creates a new model, they buy it.For example: Christian Ronald, 50 Cent, Jay Z, Justine Bibber, Must Coil. According to www.

Backbone. Com/mosquitoes, there is one interesting connection between creator of Ferreira and Arsenal’s superstar. Founder and creator of Ferreira is looks like to Must Coil and another interesting thing is, when Mezzo Ferreira died, Must Coil was born. According to www. Ferreira. Com because of this similarity and Soil’s popularity, company gives the new released Ferreira cars to him for free. Implications: Nowadays, celebrities even fight each other for Ferreira cars.

In some situations, these cars implicate the unwanted effects on people, especially on celebrities. MPH: Third process of Ferreira IS its speed. Every year Ferreira Company creates new models. If they see that, other companies created a faster car, then they create faster one. They created a new Ferreira model, which is La Ferreira. The word LA means Los Angles. They put this name, because owner of the Company found this car when he was in Los Angles.

For statistics, La Ferreira is the fastest car in world now. The September 17th, 201 3 www. Carnivore. Mom reports that this car only needs 2.

7 seconds for km/h and the second fast car is Lampooning with 3. 2 seconds. New York Times September 27th, 2013 shared news and said that, Ferreira also warrants “best in class” performance, on the road, or racetrack. Today we talked about the effects of Ferreira on humans, implications and its brand name process.

In addition to, would like to say that in this world everything is created and creating for humans. For our entertainment, these cars are kind of entertainment toys for us such as, La Ferreira.