Public Speaking Notes Essay

Have pictures of major chain fast foods* When I was a young kid my family used the bank right next to the burger king.

Sometimes when my parents would deposit money into the bank they would take us over to the BC. I would always get the chicken nuggets. Parents feed their kids chicken nuggets because they believe it a way to get kids to eat protein. Chicken nuggets are a great childhood food, but some people are unaware of what exactly is put into the chicken nuggets.

Main Point 1: ever 90% of the nearly 10 billion land animals killed for food each year in the united States, ‘broilers, house over 100,000 individuals, steady supply Of antibiotics is integrated directly into the chickens’ feed, arsenic-based growth promoting compound known as Reasoned is added to the feed of approximately 70% of U. S. Chickens. [4] The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has documented that long-term exposure to inorganic arsenic is known to cause multiple forms of cancer, as well as immunological, neurological and endocrine complications (photodiodes) Talk about the process of how the chickens are raised.Give specific examples of the growth hormones used on the chickens. Main Point 2: When the chickens arrive at the slaughterhouse, the crates are unloaded and stacked onto conveyer belts. One by one, the chickens are removed from the crates and shackled by their feet.

Hanging upside down, they struggle to free themselves as they are passed through an electric water bath designed to stun them before they are killed. In many industrialized animal factories, the ailing lines move so quickly that many of the chickens are not properly stunned.The next station consists of automated blades that cut each chicken’s throat as they pass by, causing them to slowly bleed to death. Once again, because the killing lines move so quickly, many of the chickens do not bleed to death before reaching the next station. Their fate is the worst of all, as the next station is a scalding tank designed to remove their feathers. Poultry scientists acknowledge that when the chickens do not bleed to death, hey can regain consciousness before entering the scalding tank, in which case they are boiled alive. 6] Once the feathers have been removed, a series of eviscerating machines remove the head, feet and internal organs.

Talk about the process in which the chicken becomes a chicken nugget. Use documents that give credibility to the speech about how they are made. Have pictures to help show what happens. Main point 3: Talk about which major fast food Company’s use this methods to produce their chicken nuggets. Conclusion: Sum up the process in which the nuggets are made, say which companies use this method.