Public Speaking Prevention Of Road Acc Essay

The first and foremost, every driver should be advised to take good care of their vehicle.

We have to make sure that our vehicles are in good running condition and rectify them at the earliest before traveling. Its better to be shocked and to realize something was wrong while we were in the garage, rather than realizing the same while we were driving. If we are not sure with our own auto-mobile engineering skills, we should check our vehicle problem by using the help of mechanic. We should service our vehicle regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.So, we can drive our vehicles and arrived to our destination safely. Secondly, every driver should do not speed while driving their vehicles.

This is the main reason that contributes to the road accident happen in Malaysia. The government should introduce deterrence to reduce the accident on our road. For instance, the government can install speed cameras in the accident-prone place.

This will help authorities to identify and take legal action to the driver that do not follow the speed limit. Besides that, every driver should obey road sign and traffic rules.Every legal that have been dad are for our own safety. On the other words, we have to follow the rules and we should try our best to prevent accident to happen frequently. Other than that, the infrastructure on the road can also be improved. More overhead bridges should be built. Building overhead bridges can reduce traffic jams thus reducing the risk of accidents.

Roads could be widened. Widening the roads can reduce traffic congestion. If the road is not wide enough, the probability for cars to run into each other is higher. In a nutshell, all the causes of road accidents are interrelated.