Public Speaking Self Refelction Essay

Some anxiety signs I noticed were speaking too fast and moving around. I feel maybe rushed the presentation and possibly distracted by my thoughts and material in my hands. I didn’t have the correct mind set to calm down and speak clearer and slower. Wanted to get the presentation over with so think I went in with the mind set of doing it fast. I think one way to work on that is take my presentations more seriously and find ways to enjoy them. Looking at the class while speaking may also contribute to this, because they seemed just as disinterested as was.

I think that may have messed with my dead a bit but I need to work on ways to look and feel more enthusiastic, that way the class can feel the same. What I hope to accomplish in this class is get rid of the anticipation and nervousness I get before and during speeches and presentations. Though I don’t have a doe 2 problem speaking in front of people, I want the feeling to be second nature to me. Ways to improve that is practice talking with strangers and giving speeches or presentations in front of friends and family.

If I can’t talk in front f my friends and family, then chances are I can’t do it in front of strangers. In conclusion, it was refreshing to get feedback from your peers in order to better yourself. A lot of times the presentation goes well in our head, or least we think so, but it doesn’t quite come out exactly like you thought. Having the kind of criticism is healthy because even though we practice, we don’t notice things about ourselves, like body language or tone Of voice. Practice doesn’t make perfect but practice makes permanent. If you practice wrong, you risk bad habits and risk doing it wrong.