Puppy Mills Essay

Merissa Scarabino 6/3/11 Puppy Mills Puppy mills are not only harmful to puppies, but to people too. They are disgusting, germ-filled and abusive places for puppies of all breeds. I am 100% against all puppy mills across the United States. I think they are ridiculous and just cause harm to puppies. There is no need for the things they do to the dogs. They force these dogs to breed every time the female is in heat, and once she has reproduced too many times, they will kill them to make room for new dogs.

Also, the crates they keep them in is overpopulated and there are many sicknesses and diseases that the dogs can catch. People who work in these puppy mills have no consideration in how the dogs are. The dogs do not get food, water or love like they should. These people who work in puppy mills are extremely greedy and heartless. They do not care about the dogs’ health, environment or stability. As long as they can reproduce and bring in tons of money, they believe they are very successful.

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The purebred dogs are the ones that bring in tons of money. These purebreds are highly popular to many people around the country. People mostly want thoroughbred dogs because they can bring in quite a bit of money. “Dogs at puppy mills are often not actually purebred, and the breeders sometimes lie about lineage records. ” (www. dosomething. org) According to this quote, the workers at the puppy mills obviously lie in order to receive more money than the dogs are actually worth. This proves my point that they are extremely greedy.

My opinion on puppy mills is highly negative. They are useless; all they are for is breeding puppies and making money off of them. The things these poor dogs go through is unbearable, especially to animal lovers like myself. Some of the things that these deprived animals go through include: the lack of food, water, a safe environment and love and care. Another reason why I disapprove of puppy mills is because I am a dog owner myself. When I see dogs mistreated and hurt in terrible ways, it is very upsetting.

People need to know and understand that these conditions are not healthy and deathly to all dogs being held in these mills. There are also puppy mills in other countries as well. A message needs to be sent out across the world to stop the abuse and ban puppy mills forever. I believe that people do not take the time to realize what terrible conditions these dogs go through. Rescue shelters are very productive in saving mistreated animals. More rescue shelters should be opened to help save these dogs in need.

Recently a law was passed that puppy mills are approved. “No states have laws against a breeding kennel legally keeping dozens of dogs in cages for their entire lives, if food, water, and shelter are provided. ” (www. dosomething. org) Also, “A bill designed to crack down on so-called “puppy mills” in Texas that breed dogs and cats in unsanitary and unsafe conditions was approved in final form tonight by the Texas Senate. (www. statesman. com) This states that puppy mills are allowed only if the dogs are cared for with food, water and shelter.

This should not have been passed because absolutely no puppy mills provide those needs to dogs. To conclude, puppy mills are extremely harmful to dogs and humans. We are affected by the harmful conditions that these deprived dogs go through. People do not realize how puppy mills effect us. We are just as harmed as they are by finding out what they go through. I was not able to list all of the things that these dogs go through because they are too devastating. These things definitely have to be taken into consideration for the health of these dogs.

I do hope in the future, puppy mills will be banned and the dogs there will be given new homes and are treated right. Bibliography: 1. ) “11 Facts About Puppy Mills” Online Posting Date Accessed: May 30th, 2011 {http://www. dosomething. org/tipsandtools/11-facts-about-puppy-mills} 2. ) “Puppy Mill Bill Gets Final Senate Approval” Mike Ward Online Posting May 23rd, 2011 Date Accessed: May 30th, 2011 {http://www. statesman. com/blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/austin/politics/entries/2011/05/23/puppy_mill_bill_gets_final_sen. html}