Purpose And Characteristics Of System Modules Computer Science Essay

a ) Identify and describe the names, intent and features of system faculties such as female parent board, power supply, CPU, Memory faculties, storage devices, show devices, adapter cards, ports and instances in the given machine.Motherboard is besides known as chief board, that the chief portion of the computing machine to put in and stop up the all devices and equipments such as processor, memory devices, hardware equipments into the assorted sort of slots, ports including enlargement slots to get down the computing machine for work.Basically motherboard comes with in-built systems plans such as BIOS and CMOS ( Basic Input/Output System ) set up with an non-volatile memory like cache memory.

They help to configure the internal constellations to interact with external and internal hardware devices. As illustrations, when all the constituents and devices successfully installed to the motherboard, motherboard system set-ups can command and alter the hardware devices such as CPU clock, disc types and boot sequences.In this motherboard coevals, some motherboard comes with in-built hardware devices like VGA, sounds and web cards.

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Power Supply

— — — — — — — — —

This is the unit of supply power to all the hardware and devices that working electronically in the computing machine. in this modern universe, power supply unit divided into 2 different type.110V230vIt is depending on the part and alternate current and direct current as good.Central processing unit

— — —

CPU besides known as the encephalon of the computing machine, processor and cardinal processor. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit.

The chief map of the CPU is making arithmetic and logical operations on the information given.

Memory Faculties

— — — — — — — — — — —

The memory faculties are who the computing machine systems or treating points who keep in side of the computing machine as impermanent or lasting. Such as,01. RAM -Random entree memory who keep the all the system and package application ‘s informations from the Cadmium or difficult thrust drivers in the motherboard.

Besides known as volatile memory. in the Random entree memory they keep merely informations every bit long as your computing machine is running and they help to entree the read and compose informations from the Central Processing unit.

Types of memory faculty:

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

01. Double in-line bundle memory02. SIPP memory, Single In-line Pin Package memory03. SIMM, a Single Inline Memory Module04. DIMM, Dual Inline Memory Module05. SO-DIMM, Small outline Dual In Line Memory Module ( usage for laptop computing machines )

Storage Devicess

— — — — — — — — — — –

Storage device is a device of a hardware to hive away the informations for good and impermanent.

The types of storage devices are primary and secondary storage devices. The primary storage device is that the informations impermanent support while the computing machine is on such as RAM and Cache and the secondary device is the informations can maintain for good or long clip such as difficult disc thrusts, floppy disc drivers, nothings disk drivers and USB storage drivers.

Display Devicess

— — — — — — — — — —

Display devices are the end product devices to demo or show the out put procedure done by visually and auditory. As illustrations for projectors and proctors,

Adaptor Cards, Ports and Cases

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The adapter card besides known as enlargement slots are largely use to infix the assorted types of adapters such as, VGA ( Video Graphic Adaptor ) , Sound Card, Network Card, Modems, SCSI and RAID accountants.The adapters devide into several types of slots as follows,01. ISA02. PCI03.

VLB04. CardBus/PC card/PCMCIA05. AGP

B ) Identify the names, intents and public presentation features of the standardized peripheral ports in the machine such as Serial, Parallel, USB, Firewire, DB, RJ, Din, Mini-DIN, Centronics, Associated cabling and their connections.

Consecutive port:

— — — — — — — –

The consecutive port is type of another interface that standard by RS-232 manufactured as a 9 pins connection to reassign the information and information. This is one of an old type engineering specially used to link keyboard and external modem in early 90 ‘s. The disadvantage of this port is they are reassigning informations by one byte at a clip. This port controlled by a bit set known as Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter.

Parallel port:

— — — — — — — — —

Parallel port is standard by DB-25 manufactured by 25 pins connection. this port specially designed for connect with external device, such as pressmans. The newest engineering of parallel port is Enhanced Parallel Port ( EPP ) .


— — — –

The Universal Serial Bus port, normally known as USB port is the latest engineering of the connect electronic devices such as Digital Camera, Mobile Phones and External Data Storage Devices to the computing machine by overseas telegram. This is faster than consecutive and parallel port in the computing machine. this device can reassign the informations and every bit good as electric power in between affiliated devices and its quick and easy to acquire connect with each other.


— — — — — —

The firewire is the fastest and latest engineering for transportation the existent clip digital informations from digital device to the computing machines. This is standard by IEEE 1394 criterion connexion interface.

This communicating system reassigning their informations and information by radio, fiber ocular, and coaxal utilizing the isochronal protocols. Sony and Apple applications are presently use this communicating method for transportation informations.

RJ Connections:

— — — — — — — — — — –

The Registered Jack, largely known as Cable call RJ-45 and RJ-11, fundamentally use for Local Area Networks to link computing machines by Ethernet cabling and besides connect telecommunication systems such as Telephone systems ( local land phones and inter-communication systems ) .


— — — — — — —

Din stands for Deutsches Insitute Normunger.

This is the newest version of DIM engineering. Mini-DIN is an adapter to link keyboard to the motherboard with 6 pins and normally named as 6 Pin Male Mini-DIN.


— — — — — — — –

This Centronics interface designed by Epson Company for specially connect pressmans with other parallel devices.

Associated Cabling:

Undertaking 2

a ) List the 3 most popular types of female parent boards, their constituents and their architecture.

There are three types of female parent boards in the computing machine industry known as

01. Full moon Astatine

— — — — — — —

Full moon at is the oldest type of the mother board in history. They have several internal hardware jobs like airing job due to the enlargement slot and the immense of the size of motherboard.


Baby AT

— — — — — — — — –

this is the latest motherboard engineering came after the full at motherboard. This is 3 times ofsmaller than the full at and it has a stopper and drama engineering and all the slots are absolutely builtwithout trouble oneselfing to the motherboard.

03. ATX

— — — — — —

the newest engineering of the motherboard is AT. This motherboard comes with the PII processorand the AGP slots and improved by the batch of new engineerings.

B ) Identify the intent of CMOS memory in your Personal computer and list out what it contains. Describe how and when it is necessary to alter the CMOS parametric quantities.

The CMOS stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor and constellation of the computing machine ‘s initial instructions of hardware devices and start-up bootable maps such as Basic Input and Output scenes called BIOS and besides working up the Power On Self Test called POST including the Random Access Memory maps.If user wants to re-edit the CMOS set-up, user must hold a watchword. If the alterations done the newest scenes, so it will start-up with latest CMOS scenes, that issue by salvaging the constellations.

Besides you can look into the fabrication original scenes, can alter the bootable device and can alter some CMOS parametric quantities for hardware devices like fan and temperature.

degree Celsius ) You are required to utilize two different types of Printers and name the undermentioned information derived from each pressman:

I ) What are the pressman engineerings, interfaces and options for ascents available for your pressmans

Toner-based pressmans

This engineering usage by optical maser pressmans to give the high capacity of quality, scanning by the original beginning. The cost of care and use is excessively high and really expensive to utilize this type of pressmans, but the pressman toner can utilize few more times without recycling the toner. This engineering is faster than the old versions of publishing such as dot-matrix and liquid ink-jet pressmans. This is available by colour and black and white.

Liquid inkjet pressmans

This is most common printing engineering utilizing these yearss to publishing engineering. This is digitally making the image as dropping the colour ink from the ink panel and drying rapidly.

The disadvantage of this engineering is easy to dry the ink box if the pressman does non utilize finally. This is available by colour and black and white.

Dot-matrix pressmans

These type of pressmans specially use for the graphical and text base paperss that needed to acquire the print outs by black and white. Basically this pressmans publishing by seting points and pels into the paper. The advantage of this pressman is easy to publish the graphical points and the disadvantage is taking much of clip to acquire the work done.

two ) What are the 2 common pressman jobs which you can anticipate from our pressmans, list out

redresss for the jobs utilizing appropriate mentions?

Thronging the paper inside of the pressman.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

This is one of a major job while the user seeking to publish. The chief solution for this affair, user musty ever use to rectify size of paper such as A4 or A3 and do certain that what is the paper size user traveling to acquire the printouts. And utilize the proper quality of the paper quality and the maker of the paper. Because if the user ever altering the maker of the paper, pressman ‘s gum elastic rollers those who transfer the documents from the paper tray printing panel, traveling to waist as much faster than ordinary use.

Some printouts acquiring slice.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The solutions for these jobs, you might hold to look into the old original pressman set up constellations that they are decently configured as per the instructions. Because original maker ‘s instructions ever useful to acquire the printout right. If non hold top look into the toner or cartridge that it is empty or acquiring empty.

If so, user has to replace the toner or cartridge.priner driver

Undertaking 3

a ) Identify the types of web overseas telegrams their features and the connections which you will utilize for the web.

In the computing machine web field there are assorted types of web overseas telegrams and connections use for networking. They are,Copper Cables ( Twisted Pair Cable [ STP and UTP ] and Co-Axial Cable )Fiber Optic CableThe Copper Cables are fundamentally divided into two types such as Twisted Pair Cables and Co-Axial Cables. Twisted Pair Cable besides divided into two types know as Shield Twisted Pair Cable and Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable. Shielded Twisted Pair Cable usage for transportation the electricity power and Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable usage for the general computing machine networking known as CAT 5 Patch Cable criterion by RJ-45 ( IEEE ) .And the Connectors besides the connections for the said web overseas telegrams are RJ-45 Connections that criterion by ( IEEE ) the given name.

These are the most common and basic connections and overseas telegram which are utilizing computing machine networking.For a little house or link two to three computing machines, one suggest the standard size 0RJ-45 twisted brace overseas telegram and standard size RJ-45 Ethernet connections required.

B ) Research and list five different engineerings available for Internet connectivity for your web and name their strengths and failings.

Presents there are so many common ways to acquire connect with cyberspace.

They are in order to accession,


Dial-up cyberspace connexion was the easiest manner to link to the cyberspace in the late 80 ‘s allowed by the Internet Service Provider. This is the easiest manner to link to the cyberspace by utilizing a normal telephone and with a 56kilobite modem besides this connexion has the lowest download and uploads velocity than the other connexions such as ADSL, DSL and Satellite. When the telephone line connected to the modem unit, the informations will be converted from digital to analog. This is the procedure that the modem does.

Digital Subscriber Link ( DSL )

Digital endorser nexus is another high velocity connectivity to link with cyberspace through a Internet Service Provider. When you are in a local country web that normally connects by the telephone line, DSL will rush up your connexion multiple times that the existent velocity. The advantages of the DSL are this DSL modem can utilize for the same telephone line and no demand to put in for new wiring besides you can utilize the phone and in the same clip you can reassign the informations without traffic and barricading the connexion.

The disadvantages of the digital endorser lines are you ever have to remain closer to the service supplier. Otherwise you are losing the connexion or will moo down the connexion velocity.

Advanced Digital Subscriber Link

Advanced Digital Subscriber Link known as ADSL or broadband is the most popular high velocity cyberspace connectivity in the universe in these yearss. You can easy link to the cyberspace through an ADSL modem or a router if you have the cyberspace installation in your telephone. This service can remain 24/7 online until you disconnect the line. The advantages of these services are its much high velocity cyberspace started the velocity rate from 100 Kb up to 500KB per second. And besides you can utilize the telephone while you are linking to the cyberspace.

And the disadvantages are line will be faster when you are closer to the telephone line and besides internet connexion will be hapless when the line sharing many people at the same clip.

Cable Modem Broadband

Cable Modem Broad set is originally usage for connect with wireless frequence platforms. This is one of a universe ‘s high bandwidth velocity connexion that reassigning and pass oning informations through the Hybrid Fiber Coaxial overseas telegrams as a digital information packages. the advantages of the overseas telegram modem wide sets are they can reassign the informations from 30 M per second and above. That means it ‘s 100 times faster than the ADSL and DSL cyberspace connexions. And overseas telegram modem broadband besides ever connected to the cyberspace unless you turn off manually.

This will be the disadvantage because it is threaten by the hackers to chop the computing machine system via overseas telegram modem broadband connexion.


Satellite is the most expensive and high velocity connexion platform to acquire connect to the cyberspace. The velocity is averagely 600k per second and its depend on the service of the orbiter service that they support. The most common advantage is Satellite. service is available in anywhere of the universe. This service largely utilizing where the topographic points of the ADSL, internet connexion or telephone services that non available. The common disadvantages are Satellite ( HST ) is rather expensive than the other connexions and equipment and installing cost besides excessively expensive.

degree Celsiuss ) List the 5 networking capablenesss of Windows XP


Wireless networking02. Windows firewall03. Network set up ace04.

Web browser05. Email and Instant Messenger

Undertaking 4

a ) List out the names, locations, intents and contents of any 10 Windows XP ( or subsequently versions permitted ) system files.

01. Kernel32.dll

This is the most of import system file in the Windowss runing system. It is stored in the C: WINDOWSsystem32 for the operations such as control the memory operations and direction, run the operating system and input and out put operations.

02. Ntdll.dll

This is another of import Windowss xp runing system file let to make the maps for the NT Kernal. This system file is located in the Windowss system ‘s degree Celsius: windowssystem32.

03. Hal.dll

The Hal.dll windows xp runing system file stands for Hardware Abstraction Layer Dynamic Link Libraries. This system file besides located in the C: WINDOWSsystem32 connects with Kernal to execute the hardware platforms, specially for the ChipSet.

04. Boot.


This windows xp runing system file is running the chief portion of the operating system in the booting up procedure. This can declare to startup the operating system.

05. Ntldr

This system file is the newest engineering of the boot stevedore specially for the Windowss xp, windows waiter runing systems.

it helps for the system boot thrust and run the difficult disc thrust. This system file located in C: WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownload9866fb57abdc0ea2f5d4e132d055ba4e

06. Ntbootdd.


This system file strongly helps for the start up process as a transcript of the SCSI device driver.

07. User32.dll

This is the thirty-second version of Windowss Dynamic Link Library file and this is the processing system file of Windowss message known as GetMessage, TranslateMessage and DispatchMessage.

08. Ntkrnlpa.


You can easy happen this system file in C: WINDOWSsystem32 usage for the Windowss runing system.

09. Advapi32.dll

This system file is besides known as Advance Application Program Interface. it is usage for the Windowss registry files and for the solving mistakes on the operating system.

10. Gdi32.dll

This system file is use to execute the Graphical Device Interface to back up for two dimensional maps.

B ) Use the undermentioned tools in Windows such as Microsoft Management Console ( MMC ) , Event Viewer and Task Manager on the system. List out the practical utilizations of these tools.

Microsoft Management Console ( MMC ) is an in-build system application comes entirely with Windowss runing system.

this application specially designed for make the advanced disposals maps, constellations and operations maps in the Windowss system included to pull off and host Device Manager ( to command the hardware parts like modems, cards, ports and USB ports that attached to the mother board ) , Disk Defragments ( to sequence the free infinite, used infinite and effected bad sectors file maintain in an order. ) and shared booklet ( the booklets that shared to utilize the information and information in the other work Stationss ) .Event Viewer is a plan to supervise and track the computing machine ‘s chief activities, such as,I. Application log ( tracking the information base updates and plan execute times )II. Internet Explorer log ( tracking cyberspace history and impermanent cyberspace files )III. Security log ( Tracking log on clip and log off times, making, redacting and deleting of computing machinefiles )IV.

System.log. ( Tracking system file updates, mistake checking, windows system and plan updates )Through the Event Viewer besides you can see and supervise the system and every bit good as package and hardware updates and installings logs.Task Manager is an public-service corporation package in the Windowss xp runing system that easy open by pressing CTRL+ALT+Del keys and happen as a Degree centigrade: WinntSystem32. you can look into and see the how application and plans running on the computing machine clicking by Application check, how the computing machine perform in the system snaping by Process check, how the use of Central Processing Unit and Page File History, how the web public presentation and position of the web clicking by the Networking check and how the users are working in the system snaping by Users check. this plan can besides assist to work outing system and web mistakes and for the care.

degree Celsius ) Install two new devices after you have installed the Operating system and list out the processs which you used for adding and configuring the device drivers.

Installation of a Web Cam

When you install an USB web Cam, after you successfully installed of the Windowss runing system, most of the USB adapters and devices automatically observing that you have to stop up.

But some of devices and adapters are need to put in the package drivers by manually. In this instance, you have to travel to the control panel and chink on the Add Hardware nexus.Then travel to the Add Hardware WizardGo following and choose the device that you wanted to configureThen you can give the drivers file way by choosing the beginning that you are traveling to put in. And when you are re-starting the machine the device will execute as usual.

Installation of a USB Mouse

when you plugged the USB mouse, fundamentally the devices like USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB Memory Storages are made as stopper and drama devices.

That mean you do n’t hold to configure or put in the hardware and it will be automatically observing by the operating system. That means those devices are acknowledging by the operating system.

Undertaking 5

a ) Listing the significance of common mistake codifications and start-up messages from the boot sequence.

The significance of the common mistake codifications are fundamentally known as the mistakes that you are confronting ordinary while runing the computing machine. There are many common mistakes in the computing machine system that coming up when the computing machine starts such as,01.

One short bleep – this will detect to demo that the job in the Random Access memory.02. Double bleep sound – when this sound comes, foremost you have to look into the Video Graphic adapter that decently plugged into the motherboard and if non, you have to take the adapter and once more stopper into the exact socket in the motherboard.And when you switch on your compute, you can easy happen out the start up massages such as,power good system.

from the beginning. And so it will look into and finalise the set up of your BIOS boot systems.keybbord losingdifficult disc failermisiing operation systemB ) List the common Windows XP diagnostic public-service corporations and tools, depicting the use of each of these.

The common Windowss diagnostic tools in the given operating system is such as,

01. Defragmenter

The disc defragmenter is how the computing machine allocates and keeps the free infinite, used infinite and damaged dividers individually in the difficult disc thrust. And besides it will be speed up your computing machine velocity.

This diagnostic tool you can happen through ( degree Celsiuss: windowsdefrag.exe ) .disc killing

02. Scandisk

The Scadisk is one of the most common diagnostic tool that you can happen in the Windowss file in ( degree Celsius: windowscommandscandisk.exe ) . This diagnostic toll utile to look into and repair the mistakes in the Hard Disk Drive.

03. Backup

this diagnostic tool helps you to acquire the transcript of a information that you have saved n the difficult disc or a transcript of the system. It will truly helpful to re-start the system or informations when you loss the informations by canceling by chance or when the computing machine system corrupted. You can acquire this tool by sing ( degree Celsius: program filesaccessoiresackup.exe ) .