Purpose and Description Essay

The researcher aims to create a Red plate Navigation Tracker With Geographic Information System for the General Services Office of Tarmac .

The real time automatic vehicle location tracker on red plated vehicle for the SO General Services Office . Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the mobile data.For the Admit Officer of General Services Office, the proposed system will help monitor the operations, provide keeping track of their vehicle on a real- time basis, real-time information and data regarding the movements and action of the mobile asset and also provides useful information concerning the trip . Provide the main display monitor in the office where he can view the current operations of the government vehicles.This system allows the company owners, managers, or private individuals to keep track Of their vehicle on a real-time basis. For the User or driver of the vehicle, the proposed system will provide easy navigation and fast emergency response in case of problems encountered along the road, allows drivers to stay connected with their co-drivers from the start of the trip towards the end. It also provides a real-time record of the mobile assets while they move from one location to another, halt for re- fueling, and other stops.

The vehicle tracking also provides accurate reports of location, and can show the stops that drivers make during work hours. For the researchers, the researchers will acquire benefits and advantages in the development of the proposed project by enhancing the abilities and skills we can use in future career to programming and technical capabilities and also by learning more techniques in the l. T. Fields, while doing the study.