Purpose of Education Essay

First of all I would like to define education. Education is the process or is the way of learning. From childhood when we able to spoke and able to communicate with others then we started learning from our family & society. And for academic carrier we started to went school, after completing our school then we went colleges & universities for our higher education. And then we try to do job or business to live a lovely life. And this condition we try to led our sound life as an educated person. And we think that that it is the purpose of education. Nowadays education is the key to entire job fields.

Education purpose shouldn’t like this. If we think that it is the only purpose of education so there will be no different with uneducated person. Now I would like to discuss what will be the purpose of education on my way. Education should always be put to good use in order to make the world a better, a fairer, safer and more sustainable place for all. The purpose of education isn’t simply to acquire skills or techniques. It is to become a rounded human being, able to communicate and interact with others, to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the world, to be fulfilled from experiencing art, poetry, music and theatre.

To feel good about oneself by undertaking life affirming sporting and recreational activities and understanding that we must care for all people and for the world’s environment as well as being able to develop our individuality through creativity. To my mind, education has a two-fold function in society on the one hand it should discipline the mind for sustained and persistent speculation. On the other hand it should integrate human life around central, focusing ideals. Education should equip us with the power to think effectively and objectively. To think is one of the hardest things in the world and to think objectively is still harder.

Yet this is the job of education. Education should cause us to rise beyond the horizon of legions of half truth, prejudices and propaganda. Education should enable us to weigh and consider discerning the true from the false, the relevant from the irrelevant, and the real from the unreal. Education without morals is like a ship without a compass. An educated person may be a criminal cause of he has no moral to judge him. Merely wandering nowhere. It is not enough to have the power of concentration, but we must have worthy objectives upon which to concentrate. It is not enough to know truth, but we must love truth and sacrifice for it.