Put It On A Table Essay

When look at or use my Apple Macbook Pro, I immediately think of everything have learned while using it. I have taken notes on it. I have created personal outlines on it. have learned an abundance of information while browsing Wikipedia and Google online. think of all the entertainment that the Apple Macbook pro has provided me, including Youtube, online videos, and online tutorials. The skills I have developed while using my Apple Macbook pro are too numerous to list. have learned how to type faster. I have learned how to cook better using online recipes.

I learned how to save money by buying things online, instead of purchasing it at retail stores at the mall. I have even learned how to eat better. I have learned what calories are. have learned how to become more healthy. The person who made the Apple Macbook pro was Steve Jobs and his Apple computer team. The satisfying experience or feeling I have uncovered from using my Apple Macbook pro is the ability to learn at a tremendous rate and speed. Instead of going to the library and checking out a book, I can instantaneously go online and Google or browse Wikipedia for the answer.

With a couple of taps ofa finger, I have already learned how to solve almost any problem, and do not even have to step outside of my apartment The Apple Macbook pro is meant to innovate and change the laptop industry. The problem that this laptop solves is it provides entry level computer users with an easy to use all in one interface. Also, the laptop is lighter than most, sleeker than most, and faster than most. The Apple Macbook pro is extremely beautiful because of its sleek one-piece aluminum chassis. Also, the Apple Macbook pro provides me with the sense f owning a piece of the future. eel like am owning a top quality product I feel productive when I use the Apple Macbook pro. The Apple Macbook pro even matches my Apple iphone 5s because of its uniform design and icon usage in the software. The Apple Macbook pro is made by Apple computers. The founder of Apple is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs and his team puta lot of effort to make a high quality product and strive to perfect all the little details. The Apple Macbook pro is a great product because the company defin itely puts itself in the customers shoes and thinks With their perspective.

They know about the customer’s pain in the learning curve for using a computer and they provide the best answer with easy to use interface. Apple makes the Macbook pro much lighter than traditional laptops and it is much more clear and faster. The Apple Macbook pro is enjoyable and can assist in entertainment because when you are home for the day, then you can sit in front of the Apple Macbook pro and enjoy the comfortable moment with yourself while watching comedy online, playing video games, or even chatting with friends.

The Apple Macbook pro conveys much meaning in my life. The Apple Macbook pro shows how a good product can improve the quality of life and help people to greatly to widen one’s horizon to see the world, not only from the material perspective, but also from a higher level of human “being. ” The ability to view and enjoy all the beautiful things and scenery in this world is now at the touch of my finger. I can even stay spiritually connected with other people in this complex society and world while using this technological device; the webcam provides great clarity.

The Apple Macbook pro is the epitome of complexity science theory. The Apple Macbook pro as a whole laptop is absolutely more amazing than each of its component individual parts. For example, the retina display would be useless without the high end graphics card that is inside the Apple MacBook pro. Also, the sleek aluminum frame would be useless without the fast processor inside the laptop. Also, the Apple Macbook pro would be nothing without its great portability derived from its long life battery.

Also, from the design, manufacturing, and sales of the Apple Macbook Pro, there is an increasing amount of ‘the whole is reater than the part” in each step because each person is great, but the power lays in the great group of great individuals. Apple is truly a great group that contains many knowledgeable individuals The details or aspects of design that trigger my senses are the beautiful sleek design of the Apple Macbook pro. Also, I love the way the Apple Macbook pro feels because of the one piece chassis and aluminum frame. The Apple Macbook pro triggers feelings of technological sawy and efficiency when use it. eel like am owning a piece of the future. I feel good when using my laptop because of he quiet keys when type. The laptop has a beautiful Retina display that displays colors extremely vividly, so I feel like I am looking at the real thing right in front of my eyes. The trackpad has extremely sensitive sensors that can track my every flick of my finger when I browse webpages online. I feel like my Apple Macbook pro is one with my body. I have seen the sensory connections I have made with my Apple Macbook pro. I have much positive associations with the object. I love learning. I love technology. I love efficiency. love the feeling of quality.