Pyramid Essay

Most of the Amman pyramids had about 365 steps leading up to the entrances that are located at the very top of the buildings. T he structures were built to about 75 Ft in height. In contrast, the Egyptian pyramid ads of Gaza, as said in the article “The Pyramids of Gaza,” it said, “Famous not only for their stupendous size and dramatic shape, but also for the astonishing skill WI the which they were built thousands of years ago. ” The pyramids are made up of mostly solid stone and the four outside faces of them were covered with a lay e r Of white limestone blocks. The blocks would have illuminated and shone when t he sun hit it.

The purposes of these two structures are only somewhat similar. In the Amman Travel Guide, it states, “Amman pyramids functioned as temples, whet not they were also tombs of high ranking officials. Inside the priests performer d religious rituals including sacrifices. ” These pyramids were very sacred, only priests and extremely important officials were allowed to climb the steps to e enter. On the other hand, the Gaza pyramids were strictly for citizens to remember t pharaohs. They also serve as permanent tombs to seal the pharaohs bodies a ay in a specially built chamber as shown in the Pyramid Anaphoric.

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These ancient people that created these buildings were very intelligent. The Amman and Egyptians each had different cultures and religious views. This me NAS that they each had different ways of constructing the great pyramids. The Ma yang chose to create many staircases leading up to the temple. They sometimes buy new pyramids on top of another, older pyramid. Another interesting fact ABA UT the Amman pyramids that is stated in the Amman Travel Guide is, “The pyramids we often part of large complexes that included palaces, ball courts, plazas, and Rudyard. However, the Gaza pyramids were more artfully designed. The builders had copper, bronze, wood, and stone tools no iron or steel. It took ABA out 4,000 skilled laborers. The only reason that we know about these pyramids is because of their permanence. Permanence has to do with how long something lasts. These pyramids are the greatest example of permanence. For example, the first and biggest Egyptian pyramid was built in 2550 BC by King Chuff, King Chafer bull t the second pyramid around 2520 BC, and King Manure built the third and small lest yardarm in 2490 BC.

The Amman pyramids Were built between the 3rd and 9th century AD across eastern Mexico, Belize Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salsas or. Those pyramids have been around for a long period of time. Although the Amman and Egyptian pyramids have similar features that include physical appearance, purpose, construction and permanence. They b 10th have distinguished aspects like the functions. The structures altogether have interesting and historical events that have taken place and have embedded themselves in each of the country’s cultures.