Quality Management Assessment Summary Essay

Quality Management Assessment Summary Quality Management Assessment Summary The Washington County Mental Health Authority has hired me as a consultant to help assess their current status. My main focus will be quality assessment and the measures that will be used to assess quality outcomes within the organization. I will provide the key steps in identifying and how to manage the quality care within the organization. In additional, I will provide the terminology and why the organization uses this type. All decision-making will be well-planned and once the plan is implemented it will be an ongoing process of much needed improvements.

This summary will provide the organization with the qualities that were identified that might affect the organization and stakeholders. As the consultant, I will summarize an outline of long-term and short-term goals that will benefit the organization to success. In additional, this summary will describe the purpose for quality and risk management relating to performance management in mental health care organizations. Quality management is a vital key in mental health organizations toward their success.

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Some of the important aspects of quality management in mental health organizations are patient safety and satisfaction, proper training of the staff, financial truthfulness, proper communication skills, and periodical meetings to keep employees up-to-date. Any functions of quality management will work together if all employees are on the same page and use the most important goals of patient safety and satisfaction. The methodology technique used for my research was a qualitative method to help summarize the quality management issues and conflicts with the organization.

Quality is a measurement if services increase the possibility of anticipated mental health outcome and are reliable with up-to-date evidence- based practice. One must keep in mind the perspective of a person with a mental disorder, the quality ensures he or she receives the care they require according to their symptoms, and the quality of life. Quality can relate to the perspective of a family member, quality that provides the support, and preserves family honor. Quality is the key to improving the mental health population and need to be well established.

In the past there were known cases of abuse that has been addressed and there was a need for efficient care to be implemented in mental health care organizations. This pertained to both risk and quality management plans that needed to be enforced for the future of mental health care organizations. Quality management sets the guidelines and creates policies to aid to the well-being of patients which in-turn aims toward risk management. The plans help to aim toward proper performance management in mental health care organizations.

There is always a need for the quality management team to conduct annual meetings, surveys, and to establish good communication. The meetings will allow for the employees to address any issues of concern and suggestions that might be helpful for the organization. Quality management in is not derived from a single idea or person (Quality and Total, 2013). It is a collection of ideas, and has been called by various names and acronyms: TQM, total quality management; CQU, continuous quality improvement; SQC, statistical quality control; TQC, total quality control, etc (para 4, 2013).

Each of these ideas encompasses the underlying idea of productivity initiatives that increase profit by improving the product or service (para 4, 2013). As consultant, my focus aimed on the plan, do, check, act, and analyze the issues and conflicts. The terminology technique used for the Washington County Mental Health Organization was called Total Quality (TQ), consists of continuous improvement activities that involved everyone in the organization (Quality and Total, 2013). This meaning managers and employee were involved in a totally integrated effort toward improving performance.

This improved performance is directed toward satisfying such cross-functional goals as quality, cost, schedule, missing, need, and suitability (para 10, 2013). TQ integrates fundamental management techniques, existing improvement efforts, and technical tools under a disciplined approach focused on continued process improvement (para. 10, 2013). In summarizing, I obtained some issues that needed to be addressed within the organization such as: 1. Create a plan to aim toward the purposes of the organization 2. Adopt a new philosophy of quality . Institute training 4. Optimize the efforts of teams and staff 5. Provide methods of achievement 6. Create a climate for innovation This would help to remove any barriers within the organization. That would help toward the pride of success in the mental health organization. I have come to realized there was not just a need to improve employee control but the actual process of quality management. In my summary, there are long-term goals that needed to be addressed such as: 1. Maintain the self-respect of patients with mental disorders 2.

Use interventions that will help patients with mental disorders to cope on his or her mental disabilities 3. Ensure quality care is improved in all areas within the organization 4. Focus on the internal and external patients that that they are meeting all needs and Expectations 5. Data informed practice 6. Employee empowerment 7. Continuous improvements of care, tools and methods 8. Support the mission and vision of the organization There are short-term goals that need to be addressed within their organization such as: 1. To identify clinical, service, and patient safety of behavior health issues . To create quality improvement activities needing to be addressed 3. To meet targets set for performance These are areas that I have noticed in my consultation that need to be addressed and implemented within the mental health organization. These objectives will help aim the organization toward an effective quality management plan. That internal factor of a mental health organization includes leadership, organizational structure and the corporate. The mental health organization needs to implement a successful organization structure which will them be successful for their future.

An unhealthy structure will lead the employees to not be efficient. Leadership plays a major role in decision-making along with corporate head. The external factor of mental health organizations consisted of family life and other business relationship. An employee’s family life can have a direct impact on his or her behavior. This conflict can cause the employee to respond negative to criticism and interaction with the management that creates issues for the organization’s success. There is an issue of other partnerships that are affiliated with the mental organization.

The employee feels that are adapting well to his or her goals at one organization but things are run differently at other partnerships which makes them feel that are filling their expectations properly. These issues need to be addressed to be effective in the mental health industry. Sometimes events and factors can have a negative impact on the outcome of the plans developed by quality management for the Washington County Mental Health Authority. The errors can be minimized; however there will never be a way to make them obsolete.

Additional lab errors can be costly, and take up unnecessary time leaving patients frustrated. Staffing shortage can occur when one or two staff members call in sick, this can lead to rushing through patient’s orders, which is frustrating for everyone involved, and can lead to a high amount of medical errors. In the events of patients needing personal care can bring about questions how these issues might be addressed without causing a conflict with other patients. Sometimes even when everything is done right a patient may still have problems adjusting to a prescription medical, or providing for themselves.

There are proven ways to reduce the amount of problems a patient may face, however no one can predict how a patient will react to the care provided. One must just ensure he or she is providing the appropriate care required according to risk and quality management guidelines. This will aid into to productivity and performance management skills. The proper use of quality management will have a positive impact on the Washington County Mental Health Authority by implementing organizational and structure to the system. Quality and risk management needs to be run properly for the staff to complete his or her goals.

The employees are addressing his or her performance skills to become productive in assuring proper care to the patients and families. There is always a need of improvements for any organization to become successful and establishing a well-designed plan that needs to be implemented for success. The goals, policies, and regulations are of main concern for the Washington County Mental Health Authority’s future care giving. References Addington, D. , Kyle, T. , Desai, S. , & Wang, J. (2010). Facilitators and barriers to implementing quality measurement in primary mental health care: Systematic review.

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