Quiz game Essay

Note information about the users who access a computer network. Answer: Log Files 6. A laser beam shines into the eye and picks out details of the eye. The inform nation is then used to identify a person, since iris (the colored part of the eye around t he black pupils characterized that are unique.

Answer: Iris Scan 7. Essential the address through which a computer connects to the internet. Answer: Internet Protocols 8. Saves a portion of websites that are visited to make these websites quicker o reload the next time the user visits the site.Answer: Internet Cache 9. This database includes 1 Print fingerprints cards from individuals arrested and from crime scenes. Answer: Integrated Automated Fingerprint 10.

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Photo identification systems that have different facial features on cards so that they can be put together to form a complete face. Answer: Identikits 1 1 . An unauthorized intrusion into another computer or computer network. Answer: Hacking 12. Software whose purpose it is to stop unauthorized access to a network.Answer: Firewall 13.

Computerized the process of developing a suspect’s representations. Origin anally developed by Scotland Yard, the system has helped witnesses produce more accurate facial representations. Answer: Fit 14. Files that are placed on a computer by some websites when the user visits the site. Answer: Cookies 15. This database is managed by the r-bi and it includes DNA information for c invoiced criminals. Answer: Combined DNA Index System