Quiz psy Essay

Question 1 2 out of 2 points According to Erikson, which of the following tends to experience the least stress during identity development? Answer Selected Answer: Youth who were well-trained to enter the workforce. Correct Answer: Question 2 O out of 2 points According to Stephen Covey, a good exercise for clarifying one’s values is to imagine that you: Answer are writing your autobiography. Are attending your own funeral and listening to your eulogies.

Question 3 2 out Of 2 points Your self-esteem is likely to increase when you: Answer cope with a problem rather than avoid it. Question 4 Which of the following psychologists was a concentration camp survivor who wrote the book, Man’s Search for Meaning? Answer Victor Frankly Question 5 Victor Frankly believed that: examining the finiteness of one’s existence adds meaning to one’s life. Question 6 A person from China or Japan would tend to revere possible selves that: strengthen the groups to which they belong.

Question 7 Possible selves serve the important function of: self-evaluation. Question 8 Self-discrepancies are most likely to lead to the expected emotional outcomes when: Answer when the discrepancy is important to you. Question 9 O out Of 2 points Ideal self is to hopes as actual self; wishes ought self; obligations Question 10 is to “What would you like to become? What are you afraid of becoming? ” As you think about these questions, Markus and Nurses would say that you are contemplating your: Answer ideal selves. Seibel selves. A person who has not experienced a crisis nor made any commitments and who shows little interest in such matters would be in which identity status? (None Given] identity diffusion [None Given] is an individual’s perception of his or her abilities, personality, and other attributes and consists Of one’s overall thoughts and feelings about his/ ere characteristics. Answer Self-concept Narcissistic individuals tend to be unaware of their perceive them.

Answer actual selves and how others Erikson believed that during youth, roles become central to identity development, especially in societies like the United States. Answer vocational One’s identity status is determined by the existence or extent of one’s: crisis and commitment. Much of the research on self-esteem being linked to various aspects of adjustment has been conducted using.