Racial Discrimination Essay

Human beings share the common yet distinctive anatomical structure. The basic anatomy and physiology is uniform among the different individuals of species homosapiens. Yet there are differences in the appearance, colour of the skin, physical viability and adaptability, cranial structure and numerous other such factors. These characteristic are influence by the surrounding. In our country also happened racial discrimination on 13 may 1969.

It happened 10 year after Malaysia independence from the colonialist.There are many effect of these problem such as economy drop, loss of life and property and social impact. The major effect of racial discrimination is economy country will drop. The latest racial discrimination happened in Egypt. For sure there impact for the foreign investor, they are afraid to invest and come to the country that in crisis due to the racial riots. Other than that, the foreign do not go for vacation in the crisis country because the place not in well position. In terms of social impact, where we can see that there are misunderstandings and bad views on other races because of racism.

This racism racial divide affects not only in the short term but also have an impact in the long run. Effects within a short time, for example if the Malays are not given the opportunity to work in many businesses owned by the Chinese community. This will create a view with suspicion and dissatisfaction. In the long run, this feeling will be deeper and more severe and may lead to riots as happened on May 13, 1969, and this will bring a threat to the social structure in Malaysia and the people will not be able to live in peace again.Furthermore radial discrimination is effected to the loss of life and property.

Race riots were not actually produce any benefit to the occurrence of division and discord among the people who lead large property damage even the most unfortunate is the life of casualties, incidents like this teach us an effect and bitter and bitter to the relatives and families involved . Race riots were able to our enemies who always take advantage and opportunity to divide people and want to conquer a country as a vassal and tributary country.Experiences to exemplary of this event is a nation be secure, the chaotic races and fragmented as a result of not feeling satisfied with sensitive issues, especially racism. Among the examples that can be used as a guide to the country is falling Malacca empire in the hands of the Portuguese in 1511. In conclusion, the effect of the racial discrimination are economy will fall down, country not in good condition, and the loss of life and property.

I hope it in Malaysia it will not happen in the future. Our country now in good condition and everyone happy for this.