Racism commit a crime. As a Mexican-American,

Racism Racism is a problem where we Americans cannot avoid. Racism creates intense debates and arguments around the world till this day. Racism is an international issue that affects everyone across the world that creates racial profiling, additional violence, and divides the nation as a whole.  Racial profiling is a discrimination towards an ethical group of individuals based on stereotypes people have generated throughout history. For instance, a store manager follows an African American around the store because he or she believes the individual is going to commit a crime. As a Mexican-American, I constantly get judged for working as a cashier. For example, I as once criticized on what language I spoke towards another customer. She immediately switched lines to be attended by a white co-worker and complained about the majority of the Mexicans taking away jobs. This occurs through the influence of those who believe that a certain minority of people have a higher position from those of other races.  Racism has created the increase of violence throughout the entire world. As a result, violence leads to a higher death rate due to the imaginable acts based on race. Recently, four African American teenagers tortured a white mentally disabled person specifically based on his skin color. He was kidnapped for at least 24-48 hours being tortured and forced to drink toilet water. While being held hostage, the four suspects repeatedly made racial slurs towards the white population and our current president, Donald Trump. This event was so horrifying it even received a comment from Barack Obama describing the event as ” despicable.” The four African Americans were charged with hate crimes but tragically, these types of events still occur today. Imagine having the fear of letting your children out but may never return home to you based on their race.  Ultimately, racism builds up the division of the nation. Nonwhites tend to see more discrimination a lot more from those who are white do. Donald Trump, our U.S president, makes speeches that have a tendency to clash from viewpoints of supremacists’ and protesters. In particular, the Unite the Right Rally, is a protest of destroying the Robert E. Lee’s statue from a community park in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Protesters carried around Nazi-Germany flags to express the significance equivalent to comparison between the statue. Yet a person lost their life due to a meaningful protest. This gravitated everyone’s attention to a view change towards racism. Today, may people may find racism as the most controversial topic discussed in present time. Racism contributes to the racial profiling, additional violence, and the division as a nation. Informing people about discrimination can lead to a better understanding of how to treat people a different way. It is our responsibility to educate those of a younger generation, eventually passes on the next generation can minimize the effects of racism not only in the United States but the entire world.