Racism the rhetoric of post-racism is still

has been a big problem since the colonial period in the United States of
America. However, Many Americans and Canadians believe that the election of
President Barack Obama, a black American changed everything about race and
white superiority. Many people believe that President Obama defied all odds to
become the first black president of America, and thus his election piloted the
United States into a post-racial period. It is, therefore, becoming nearly
impossible to talk about issues of the race after the victory of Obama.  However, this kind of thinking ignores the
available contemporary and historical of racism in America in addition to obscuring
any kind of discussion concerning race. Post-racial America refers to the
theoretical environment, which indicates that U.S.A is free from prejudice,
preference, and discrimination. However, the rhetoric of post-racism is still
examined in America in addition to its consequences for the antiracism
education in some states, including Canada. Despite the election of President
Obama, there are still many issues of race in America, in terms of educational
attainment between the blacks and whites, career advancement, income and net
worth and health care results. One of the issues that attribute to racism is
ignorance and fear. Ignorance can play a big part given the fact that people
might prejudice others due to lack of knowledge specifically when they are
different. Therefore, this paper is going to discuss the claims about
post-racial America after the presidency of Barack Obama and the causes of
racism in America.

begin with, after the election of Obama as the nation’s Black American
president, many national voices in the conversation broadcasted America as a
post-racial society. Matters of the race were less important than before, many
termed that the racial boundaries had been overcome and that race was no longer
a worry in America. According to the statement made by Dr. McWhorter John, it
was like (smack down to view America as racial). However, the scholars view
this statement as ridiculous. According to scholars whose works are about race,
the presidency of Obama was only but a milestone and that race still matter to
Americas (Adjei et al 141).

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the post-racial America claims only hold a vision instead of merit since there
are still significant, numerical gaps between the minorities and the whites in
privileges such as advancement in career, income, outcomes of health care and
educational advancement (Adjei et al 145).  Therefore, post-racial is only a vision, a
goal for America that has not been achieved. The scholars warn that the
minorities still struggle given the role of race in the above inequalities
including the remedies of race-conscious.

the other hand, some scholars tie racism with the orientation of politics. It
is irrefutably the case that those Americans who are racist are almost
completely belonged to the same political alliance. This statement implies that
some people are just intentionally (deliberate) racists than others basing on
their ideology (Adjei et al 149). For instance, all the
things that equal the conservatives are termed to be more racist than the
liberals. In the current context of both the ideologies, the whites are more
conservatives thus ideology becomes an important analyst of the social views of
the whites (Adjei et al 150). There is a small gap
between the Republicans and the Democrats than between the conservatives and
liberals. The reason to this is the fact that there still exists a
non-insignificant number of the personality-identified Democrats who are
fundamentalists in the U.S.A in addition to off communally moderate Republicans
who normally vote according to their interests of the economy.

racism is termed as individual to the great degree. This is due to the presence
of few Americans who still defend the supremacy of whites and legal segregation
(Lum 14). On the other
hand, some liberals and Democrats claim the antagonism to the affirmative deeds
leads to racism. This means that racism, to some extent is just a way of living
for some Americans (Lum 14).
 Those who believe and support white
supremacy are a good example and proof that people can be racists, not because
they are ignorant, but they do it on purpose to prove their authority over the
non-whites and other minorities.

addition, the issue of post-racial is a living lie with the worrying
re-segregation of the schools in America. The percent of Blacks having no
contact or little with the white students is increasing rapidly, according to
the CRP (Civil Rights Project of UCLA) (Lum 14).  For instance, as
it is currently, the non-white students are approximately 44% of the total
students as indicated by CRP. The only way to address the issue of
re-segregation is through forming of more magnet schools which would recruit
students from diverse population and race (Lum 14).  On the
other hand, after the election of Obama, the unemployment rate of Blacks was
11% twice that of the whites, as per the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). This
means that the disparities were entrenched even before the contemporary
recession. As it is shown in the year 2007, the unemployment rate of Blacks was
8% twice the Whites’.

there are many American who oppose the post-racial period, terming it as “silly
fad.” For instance, Wilson believes that post-racial era will fade like it
never existed.  Similarly,
Ladson-Billings believed and stated publicly that she does not trust in the
post-racial period even before the election of Obama into office as the
president (Lum 14).  She also stated that she did not believe in
the true desegregation of the universities and colleges.

the actions of gaining the social advantage by one race over the other require
an understanding of the simple concepts of racism. There are two main concepts
at the heart of racism: fear and ignorance. Despite the fact that some people
are intentionally racists, it is rational to state that racism may also arise
as a result of ignorance or even fear about the other community or individuals
(Lum 14). The fact is,
everybody, tends to have some degree of prejudice (pre-judgment attitudes)
towards others. This kind of racism can be said to be because of ignorance.
Ignorance is viewed as a normal response by the human beings to social, racial
and sexual forms of variances. A good explanation for the ignorance is that
many of the Americans, mostly the Whites tend to prejudge others as a result of
the limitation in the knowledge level of another group of people (blacks).
Mostly, what passes for preconception in the society is the consequence of
ignorance of other people, in addition to their social condition and way of

basing racism on ignorance might make sense to a big extent. In the current
world, due to the present social structure of America, many Whites have little
or no concrete idea nor the primary experience of Latino American and African
communities’ life (Cabrera 33).
This can be attributed to the dominant norms of segregation and separation,
which preclude the individuals from different ethnic or racial groups from
intermingling and socializing positively and meaningfully (Cabrera 38).  This, therefore, prolongs the ignorance of these
groups and give rise to the prejudice attitudes that lead to racism. Moreover,
it is clear that racism arises from the deep mental sense of insecurity towards
others (Cabrera 48).  People feel insecure in the company and
presence of others, especially when they have little knowledge about them. It
is just a similar sense of insecurity when one encounters a stranger in
darkness (Cabrera 50).  Therefore, though it might not be the major
cause and reason, ignorance has played a bigger role in racism in the current

conclude, it is rational to state that racism has been a bigger problem with
far-reaching effects in America since the colonial period. However, the
election of President Obama as the America’s first Black president brought the
hope of eradicating the social issue of racisms. Many Americans believed that
Obama’s presidency marked the post-racial period in America and that racism was
no longer a problem. However, Obama’s election was just a milestone to achieve
the long-awaited goal of the post-race period and not the merit. His presidency
never brought any change, race still matters in America. Statistics indicate
that there are still disparities in schools between the Blacks and Whites. The
same disparity is experienced in employment, medical healthcare outcomes and
net worth. However, the causes of racism in America are both intentional and
ignorance. Among the two, intentional carries more weight, given the fact that
many whites would still support the “white supremacy.” Political orientation
can also proof that racism is practiced intentionally as discussed above.