Ralph different they were showing their nonconformity,

Ralph Waldo Emerson was a leading figure in the Transcendentalism period.  During this time, writers were famous for expressing their beliefs through their faith and knowledge about society.  Nathaniel Hawthorne makes it known in The minister’s Black Veil that sinning is a part of life.  Hawthorne wrote many stories in the Gothic and Romantic theme style.   In Nature and The Minister’s Black Veil, the aspects of Faith and Humanity are compared and contrasted through their religious beliefs in nature, the way they cope with sin, and the use of nonconformity.  Transcendentalism is “a system based on the idea that, in order to understand the nature of reality, one must first examine and analyze the reasoning process that governs the nature of experience.”  Transcendentalists were grouped by the things they were rebelling against, there were many writers involved during this time that just wanted to be different.  They knew what everyone else was doing and what they were brought up to believe and follow, but people like Emerson wanted to go against this, he wanted to write his own way.  By being different they were showing their nonconformity, they didn’t want to do what they were always told to do or follow what they thought was the only way of going about things.  They were able to show their beliefs without saying what was right or wrong, they didn’t try to bring other people down for what they believed.  The Transcendentalists wanted people to join them in doing their own thing and following their own beliefs.  Just because they didn’t agree with the religion of someone else didn’t mean that they were wrong, all thoughts were listened to and heard equally.  Humanity is the whole human race, so the Humanity of these two stories is just describing everyone and how they play into the writing.  Faith can be described differently to different people.  Faith can be your religion and what you believe in, or faith can be having faith in yourself and believing you can do certain things.  Emerson and Hawthorne believed they could make a difference and change people lives with their stories.  Emerson wanted people to believe in themselves the way he did, and Hawthorne wanted people to see that it’s okay to sin, everyone does it, but you don’t need to hide it and pretend like you’re a perfect angel.  Hawthorne wanted people to own up to their wrong doings and admit that they weren’t perfect. Emerson’s Self Reliance is very similar to Nature, when describing nonconformity, by believing in himself and going against what everyone else believed in, he was able to write about his faith.  By going against his religion and exploring what he had always questioned, he was able to inspire the people of today’s society to stand up for what they think is right.  He wanted everyone to know it was okay to be different and not follow the crowd. “Insist on yourself; never imitate.” (Self-Reliance, Ralph Waldo Emerson).  By following that quote and writing about nature being his faith, he was able to show people that he encourages open-mindedness.  The quote from Emerson’s Self Reliance, shows that he did not want people to imitate one another.  Follow your heart and believe in yourself to find out more about your faith, he wanted them to research and learn more about their thoughts instead of pushing them to the side.  This quote goes along well in his writing of Nature, Emerson believed there were different stages of death, he didn’t believe after you died that was it for you he thought that there was a life after this and that was his own faith it didn’t matter to him what other people said to him or if they told h9im he was wrong.  Self Reliance is written about how Emerson was all on his own, he did things by himself, the way he wanted them done.  Emerson’s Nature is a good picture for describing how he’s different from everyone else.  It’s okay to have different views on things and to speak your mind and Emerson really wanted people to see that, even today people are looking back and reading Emerson’s writings because of how relevant they are in today’s society.  “To be great is to be misunderstood” (Self reliance, Ralph Emerson Waldo).  Although people may not have agreed with Emerson’s Nature, he thought that’s what made him great.  Not being understood just means that the people not understanding you are just not ready for you yet.  Emerson believed he was great because people didn’t understand him, that’s how people need to see things today, it’s okay if people don’t get what you’re saying, as long and you believe in yourself and what you’re saying it doesn’t matter if people go against you and tell you that you’re wrong.  In today’s world, religion is mostly associated with God and church, but to Emerson, his faith was described to be in the beauty of nature.  There has been a lot of question of how things came to be and what happens after your life.  One question that has been asked throughout humanity for years is “What happens when we die?”, depending on your religion or beliefs your understanding of death is perceived differently.  In Emerson’s Nature, the universe is being discussed and described as his religion.  His beliefs of religion weren’t God, or Heaven, or Hell.  In the 1800s, when Emerson released his story, the world was different than it is now.  People were afraid to speak out and do what they wanted.  People today are more open with their opinions and beliefs, no one feels like they have to hide anything or rebel against everyone else.  Many people believe in the same things, which puts them in their own groups, whether it be religion, or something like politics.  Emerson really went out of his way to show people it’s okay not to do what everyone else is doing, that plays along the lines of nonconformity as well.  No two people in the whole world are exactly alike, even identical twins, everyone was made differently, and everyone has the right to believe in different things.  In today’s society, teens are hesitant to branch out and be who they want to be, because of the fear or being judged or not accepted.  Having faith in yourself was a big thing to Emerson, he had faith that by writing his stories he could change the lives of the people reading, he wanted people to stop following the crowd and stand out and be themselves, today more than ever people are doing the exact same thing as everyone else.  God made us all different fro a reason there’s no fun in being exactly like someone else.In The Minister’s Black Veil, the use of nonconformity is shown through sin.  The theme of the story is very dark, it’s describing the internal conflict in everyone.  This story is still researched today because Hawthorne wrote in a way that touches people and opens their eyes.  Hawthorne wanted it to be known that everyone has a veil that they’re wearing, and when it comes time, you will be forced to look inside and see what kinds of things that have been hidden.  People today hide their sins rather than be upfront about them and Hawthorne was trying to get people to realize that.  The veil is used as a symbol for “Hooper’s” sins.  By wearing his veil no one can see through him, or read his behavior.  The Minister’s Black Veil is still relevant today by the theme used and attitude the story gives off.  There has been many articles written about today’s teens and how a lot of them are rebelling against their parents and doing as they please, this is a form of nonconform