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Ramses II’s battle success made him a lasting impact on Egypt’s history.There were three battles which Ramses led and succeed, there was The battle of Kadesh, Later Syria Campaigns, and The Sherden Sea Pirates. In the battle of Kadesh Ramses outstanding battle skills lead Egypt to victory and created the world’s first peace treaty. In Syria Ramses battle strategies for fighting to get Egypt tons of property back in Syria, then in the battle of The Sherden Sea Pirates Ramses great planning during the battle led them to defeat the Sherdens then with their help defeat other groups of people. Ramses II had the most lasting impact on Egypt because of his battle success and without it, Egypt would have never been the same. Ramses outstanding battle skills lead Egypt to victory and created the world’s first peace treaty. Ramses alone got to work and started to run the Hittites out of the camp. Then Ramses was sent a miracle as Egyptian reinforcements came in to help finish off the Hittites (“Ramses II The Greatest Leader Of All-time?”). In this part of the battle, the Hittites surprised attacked and left leaving Ramses behind. He decided to step up and take them on and was able to bring them out of the camp. As the Hittites started to lose by luck, Egyptian reinforcements came in and they helped finish off the Hittites. This battle was one of his most famous as he wrote many poems and built many monuments of himself. With Egypt’s lead gone, the Hittite chariots were slow-moving and clumsy and the lighter Egyptian vehicles outdid them. Ramses, smart and outwitted, managed to win. Egyptians and Hittites claimed Kadesh as an amazing, and Ramses had his temples covered with victory reliefs. The battle was proved to be nothing. This was because fifteen years later, the two sides went back to Kadesh to agree to a negotiation the first example in history (“Battle Of Kadesh”). Ramses had been outnumbered by the Hittites, but the Hittites chariots were not as good as the Egyptians. The Hittites had fewer chariots than the Egyptians, so they easily outdid them. Having so many chariots they managed to defeat the Hittites. Then fifteen years later they met back at Kadesh and signed the world’s first peace treaty. Again Ramses saved the day by having so many Chariots. Which were stronger than the Hittites even though they were at a disadvantage. Ramses shined during the battle of Kadesh. He may have screwed up in some parts, but he redeemed himself in parts of the battle where Egypt was at a disadvantage.  Ramses fought off the Hittites out of Egypt’s camp alone and when Egyptian reinforcements came in they knocked off the Hittites. Ramses stepped up after beginning to lose to the Hittites and brought them to victory. Then when he led Egypt into a huge trap they won by having stronger and more chariots. Also fifteen years later leading to the world’s first peace treaty. Ramses great planning during the battle of the Sherden Sea Pirates led them to defeat the Sherdens then with their help defeat other groups of people.  Ramesses put troops and ships at main points along the coast and allowed the pirates to attack their bait before skillfully catching them by surprise in a sea battle and capturing them all in a single action (“Ramses II – Campaigns and Battles – Battle Against Sherden Sea Pirates”). During this battle, Ramses used his self-intelligence and came up with a master plan to capture the Sea Pirates. He posted people in key areas and let the pirates come in easy. Then he started a full-blown attack which captured them in a single action. Ramses captured them because they were causing havoc along Egyptians Mediterranean coast. His smart battle plan kept the pirates off of their coast. Most likely there was a battle somewhere near the top of the Nile, as shortly afterwards many Sherden are seen in the Pharaoh’s body-guard where they are very noticeable by their horned helmets with a ball from the middle, their circular shields, and the great Naue II swords with which they have many inscriptions of the Battle of Kadesh. In that sea battle, together with the Shardana, the pharaoh also defeated the Lukka and the Šqrsšw peoples (“Ramses II – Campaigns and Battles – Battle Against Sherden Sea Pirates”). After an easy win over the Sea Pirates, he turned them into good use. He turned them into Egyptian fighters to help him out. As well as using them with the Egyptians, he was able to conquer the Lukka and the Šqrsšw peoples. Using his battle skills he turned the Shardanas (Sherden Sea Pirates) into fighters for the Egyptians helping him conquer the two other groups of people. This battle was very important for Egypt as it stopped Havok across the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. Ramses was very smart during this battle leading to an easy victory. He came up with a master plan to defeat the Sherdanas easily. He lured them in with bait and full on attacked them leading to a victory. Then he turned them into Egyptian soldiers, which helped defeat the Lukka and Šqrsšw peoples. The only reason Egypt did so well was because of Ramses brainpower. Ramses battle planning against the Hittites got Egypt tons of property back in Syria.   When Ramses when on his campaign, he split up into two armies. One army was run by his son, Amun-her-khepeshef, and it ran warriors of the Šhasu tribes across the Negev as far as the Dead Sea, then taking over Edom-Seir. It then went on to take Moab. The other army, run by Ramesses, attacked Jerusalem and Jericho. After Ramses entered Moab, where he rejoined his son. The reunited army then captured on Hesbon, Damascus, on to Kumidi, and finally, recaptured Upi getting back Egypt’s former sphere of influence (“Ramses II-Wikipedia”). Ramses smart plan split the armies into two groups so they could conquer twice as much. Having that advantage they moved to different areas and captured them. They each captured two, then they reunited after Ramses entered Moab. Together they captured 4 more regaining most of Egypt’s territory back. Without Ramses making the plans for success they would not have gotten the land. Ramses kept on helping Egypt by winning all the battles that he started making them look strong. Ramses was in northern Amurru, far past Kadesh, in Tunip, where no Egyptian soldier had been seen since the time of Thutmose III, almost 120 years earlier. Then he captured it, but the next year just kept on going. He kept capturing more cities and gained much more territory in Syria (“Ramses II-Wikipedia”). Ramses had a lot of battle success as he captured many places in Syria. He had his sons to help him as well, which made conquer come faster. He made Egypt much larger expanding it and making it stronger. Without Ramses Egypt in its later years never would have been so big and would not have been as good. Ramses proved to be the perfect leader for Egypt by winning many battles and gaining territory. Expansion success into Syria proved to be huge for Egypt. Ramses captured many areas in Syria gaining back their old territory. Ramses went as far as he could going as deep into Hittite lands as could. This had a lasting impact on Egypt as Egypt was big and made them look stronger than surrounding groups.Ramses II had the most lasting impact on Egypt because of his great battle success and planning and without it, Egypt would not have been so strong and powerful.At the Battle of Kadesh Ramses fighting skills and intelligence won the battle and started the world’s first peace treaty. During the Battle of the Sherden Sea Pirates, he tricked them and easily won, then he used them to help conquer other Sea group people. Then at last in Syria, he went all out and got most of Egypt’s territory back. Ramses II had the most lasting impact on Egypt that will live forever because of his battle strategy which led to success.